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Patients complained Dental Clinic awarded 1200 yuan Dental

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Dental porcelain breakage occurs three times a year, consumers will be helpless, "clinic" a complaint to the Consumers Association. In Qinghai Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture active mediation of consumer associations, consumers Wu once got 1,200 yuan refund. This is a recent Haixi CASE system and successfully resolved with accepted medical disputes.Micro Motor

April 27, Wu consumer complaints to the Consumers Association Haixi, saying on April 17, 2010 to Qinghai Delingha a private "clinic" dentist and eventually spent 4,500 yuan to "clinic" responsible person Xu a fixed prosthesis made full mouth porcelain teeth down a total of 29. Unexpectedly loaded teeth two weeks later, a porcelain tooth appeared collapse, "clinic" can not be put in charge of removing the case of porcelain teeth, so Wu pull down and then repair themselves. Wu finally put teeth in early August to pull down, "clinic" responsible person to let Wu Xining to advance dental porcelain tooth development companies that have bad teeth fixed. Unexpectedly, more than 10 days after the restoration of the tooth has broken. October Wu once again came to "clinic", "clinic" responsible person allowed to re-bite teeth marks, re-do the models brought forward Xining dental development company once again carried out the repairs, did not expect reappeared during the Spring Festival this year, a porcelain breakage problem. When Wu once again find the "clinic",Pulp Tester,the "clinic" Xu said the person in charge, "porcelain teeth out of warranty will not fix."


After receiving complaints against dental associations Haixi disputes conducted a survey and processing enterprises with porcelain teeth - dental development company advancing Xining contact the relevant personnel. Qinghai based implementation of the "PRC Consumer Protection Law" Regulations "consumer disputes implementation burden of proof." Inform Xining forward development company needs to prove itself dental innocent, if he proves that no fault can not be deemed at fault. Haixi CASE Xining forward immediately to the clinic dental development company and issue a written survey letter, requiring dental development company advancing Xining issued two days after the production of porcelain teeth meet the quality standards of proof, and to ask for porcelain teeth repeatedly collapse porcelain made reasons. Meanwhile, in the Haixi CASE personnel active coordination,dental equipment,"clinic" responsible person Xu Wu reached a settlement agreement with the consumer by Xu disposable dental refund amount 1,200 yuan....

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