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The Advantages of Copier Leasing

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The need for a copy machine is quite an important one in an office setup. However, the burden of owning one is something that small businesses cannot bear. Buying used copier and leasing a copier are two of the options available. Both of these, work for small setups, and an assessment of your business’ current financial position should give you an idea on what to go for. Leasing can have some great benefits, especially for companies that don’t have vast capital at their disposal. With the number of small businesses and startups increasing every year, the demand for such solutions has gone up accordingly. Hence it shouldn’t be much of a task to find a firm that can provide such a service. However, never make a hasty lease agreement and be sure to find out about any fees or hidden costs apart from the lease payments. Some lease agreements also include repair costs which would ensure that you give don’t have to worry about keeping the machines functioning smoothly without disrupting your core operations. Leasing also holds several other great benefits, which the following article talks about in brief.


Benefits in terms of Capital


Investing on a brand new copier might not be such a profitable conclusion for small businesses. It would be much wiser to use the funds to grow the business and invest in things that scale over time. Technology looses value over time and hence you would be making a hasty decision well if you choose to invest capital in owning a copy machine. Leasing a Lanier copier keeps your credit line free for crucial business needs.


Latest Technology


Today, we live in that world where technological advancements are almost a daily affair. In such a situation, a Lanier printer bought today might lose a majority of its value in matter of few years or even months in many cases. Leasing however, provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your equipment at a pre-determined date. This would also spell well for your productivity as the latest technology would be more advanced with superior functions.


Tax Benefits


Leasing also has some advantages as far as taxes are concerned. Lease payments are considered as pre-tax expenses, so this would mean that you can deduct the whole of the lease payments. Buying a used copier or a brand original one would only let you deduct the depreciation of the equipment.


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