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Summer Overnight Camps

by campprofessor

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Things To Know Before You Decide On Sending your Kid to Summer Overnight Camps


These days most of the parents work full time which leaves the kids bored during their summer vacations. Parents are generally not able to take long breaks from their work to keep the kids entertained. In such a case, enrolling your kids for a summer overnight camp can be of great benefit. These camps have diverse range of activities to offer based on likings and interests of kids which keeps them entertained and busy besides providing a great learning experience.

Those parents who have attended summer overnight camps in their early days are well versed with kinds of things a child is expected to do in such camps. Their experience provides them with the knowledge to determine the right age for their kids to send to such camps. But those who do not have any experience in their childhood with these camps might need to determine the right age of their kid before sending him/her to an overnight camp.

If you are thinking about sending your child to a summer overnight camp, here are a few useful tips for you:

  • You can judge your child’s ability to be a part of overnight camps by observing his/her behavior during sleepover with friends and relatives. If a child has been comfortable with night outs at your relatives’ place, chances are more that she/he will be comfortable at an overnight camp.
  • Judge your child’s ability to manage his/her own things. Is he/she independent in his/her own little tasks? Do you think he/she is too dependent on you to learn the independent behavior at the right age. After keeping these things in mind, sending off your child to an overnight camp can be a helpful option.
  • Be well aware of your child’s eating habits, his/her ability to get along with strangers, and his level of attachment with family members. This will help you gauge how well he/she will gel with the peers at the camp.
  • You will have to determine if your child is able to take care of his/her belongings and can take independent decisions to some extent in certain situations. This will help you have an idea how he/she will react to the situations in an overnight camp.

If you have never sent your kid to any camp before, sending him/her to a day camp first will be a great idea. If your kid has already enjoyed being a part of day camps, giving summer overnight camps a try can be very entertaining and memorable experience for him/her.

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