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Is your foundation cracking? Get slab repair today!

by AlexBlaway83

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The biggest challenge that any home faces is typically hidden just below the surface of its floors. The foundation of a house is the rock that supports your family's shelter throughout the life of the house. Although damage may not seem to be severe or apparent at first, left unchecked, the small cracks that appear in the walls or ceiling as a result of a cracking foundation will quickly become major structural issues. The key to avoiding large-scale problems such as these is to investigate slab repair as soon as the damage begins to appear. The right repair company will guide you through the repair process and answer any questions you may have when dealing with this most crucial element of the home.

The professionals at the Arredondo Group will provide customers with all the pricing and information they need regarding the specifics of their particular situation directly upfront and completely for free. Some of the typical causes for foundations cracks and problems can be related to drought or, on the other end of the spectrum, the complete saturation of the ground below your foundation's surface. Arredondo offers a complete guide to recognizing these symptoms in addition to being the solution when problems inevitably occur. Some of the most common symptoms indicating the need for slab repair beneath a home include cracks along the outer wall on the exterior or floors and counter tops that go out of level over time. The Arrendondo professionals can come to you and give you a proper assessment of the damage along with a quote for slab repair completely free of charge. They are also able to give customers all the information that they need to keep their foundation in great shape over time once the repairs have been completed.

Being experts in the field, the Arredondo group can work in both residential and commercial settings, fully addressing any type of issues that may come up with a variety of foundations types. Slab-on grade, perimeter beam, and pier and beam foundations each have their own individual points of strengths and vulnerabilities. The technicians coming to address your needs are highly knowledgeable regarding the specifics of each system, assuring the customer that their money is going towards the best service possible. Slab repair can be a time consuming and expensive process that is full of vague processes that most contractors do not communicate to their customers. Arredondo, however, makes it a point to keep their customers informed and deliver the best service in the San Antonio area at the most competitive prices possible.



The Arredondo Group provide the best possible solution for your foundation repairs. For any slab repairs choose the Arredondo Group.


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