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Website Designing Company, Website Maintenance Company in De

by vipinbisht

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Welcome to Lcs Infotech

LCS  Infotech is a Professional Web Design & Development Company based in New Delhi, India. Our aim is to combine quality web design with offshore development in order to provide online solutions for companies of all sizes. We develop any website with confidence so that we can assist you by providing best solution for your all complex problems. As we easily recognize the challenges that a small startup companies can experience and put in place a number of solutions to help them. We have a number of modules, integrations and supporting services that assist online retailers ensure efficient operation of their businesses on all levels. Our skilled and qualified development team has the expertise and experience of designing and developing different kinds of websites.

Hosting Services        

To run a website you need many elements which will publish your website Online for example domain name or hosting services. Hosting service are services which runs internet server and makes your website accessible on internet. For launching any website online you need a certain amount of space on internet, this server space is provided by many companies. Hosting services provider offers accesses of a client website on web server and makes client’s website content available to recipients on request. There are various kind of web hosting services offered to clients depends on requirement of clients. As the hosting services are outsourced that means the web server does not physically present on client side hence the client has an option of transferring all its website maintenance responsibilities to its hosting service provider company. There are various types of hosting like if there are large numbers of websites then the shared hosting services can be used, if all focus is on one website then dedicated web hosting services is been used and lastly there is virtual web hosting services where website has its own virtual server without disturbing the other sites. We have many more hosting services like Web Hosting – it is the most wide spread hosting services, it allows the website accessible on web world 24 hour and 365 days, File Hosting – this kind of hosting only includes files, it does not provide server space for websites, Image Hosting – this is basically for images not website or files and E-Mail Hosting – this only provides server space foe emails only. 

There are various advantages of hosting services:

  • Cost Effective: As the hosting server space is been outsourced hence capital investment get reduced because you need to buy the hardware or datacenter, secondly the maintenance cost get reduced as maintenance has been done by hosting service companies.
  • Growth: When as the hosting service provider has various hardware and software resources which make your website smoother and easy going.
  • Website Maintenance: As the hosting service provider companies not only provides the space server but it also take the responsibility of maintaining your services.
  • Security: Hosting services providing companies always protect content of your website with threats which can affect your site.

If you are looking for the reliable hosting services company, Lcs Infotech is a right place to provide you complete online solution which includes the efficient, secure and reliable hosting services.

Contact info :-


T6 Anupam Plaza, 3rd Floor, IIT Crossing 
Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas 
New Delhi-110 016 INDIA 
Tel:- +91-11-26967000


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