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Top Questions to Ask your Car Rental Company

by andrewharrow

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No two car rental companies are alike, which is why it is important to know what you are getting yourself into when you choose to rent a car from any one of them. Each has different policies in terms of fuel, cost, insurance, and boundaries.


Fortunately, while you are shopping around for a car rental company, all you need to do is to ask a few simple questions so that you can make the most out of your car rental without owing any overages or other unexpected fees when it comes time to turn it in.


What is the Fuel Policy?

Most auto rental companies do not charge you for gas, but instead will require you to simply fill up the tank before you bring the car back to them. If you fail to refill the tank, then you may be charged a very high rate per gallon for them to fill it up for you. On the other hand, some car rental companies do not require you to fill your tank back up and will instead charge you by the mile for gas; it is always good to ask ahead of time.


Is the Car Insured?

This is something that you will want to be very careful about asking. While most car rental companies include some form of insurance with your rental, some of the less expensive companies have stopped doing so. This is not necessarily a problem if your personal auto insurance policy includes rental car coverage and can even save you money.


If your car insurance policy does not have this kind of coverage, however, then you could be putting yourself at liability for any accidents that may occur while you are behind the wheel. In these cases, it is typically best to simply go with a company that includes insurance, even if it means spending a bit more.


Can I Take the Car Out of State?

If you want to take the car out of state lines, then you will want to make sure that this is allowed. Some rental companies, due to insurance reasons, will require you to stay within state lines. If you leave the state, you could be charged a hefty penalty.


Overall, renting a car does require some research to ensure that you choose the right company for you. Be sure to keep these questions in mind and ask them.

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