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Ten things one must know about Sencha Touch

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Every developer who is developing mobile apps knows that creating an app is a very interesting yet cumbersome process. Right from choosing the right platform to, choice of features and UI and then marketing – everything is interdependent and contributes to the success of the app in a big way. With the increasing acceptance and widespread use of smartphones & tablets, android app development also has picked up steam. And with it has surfaced challenged. One of the biggest challenges that the mobile app development industry faces today is the development of apps that work on multiple platforms. To solve this, cross-platform mobile technologies like Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Titanium have come in, using which, experts can develop apps for Windows, IOS, Android and BlackBerry. Let us take a look at Sencha Touch in more detail.

Sencha Touch is the right tool for building high level mobile applications through the web. It provides better performance as it interacts with the mobile device’s operating system. It allows web apps to look and feel like native apps on iPhone and Android mobile devices. Beautiful user interface components and rich data management, all powered by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards and ready for Android and Apple iOS devices. Sencha Touch is the best framework for app developers who desire a visually interactive mobile application. It is said that Sencha Touch is the best web app framework for true high level web applications.

10 Top Things one should know about Sencha Touch

  1. Sencha Touch allows programmers to build mobile web apps apps that look and feel just like native apps on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry touch devices. It uses HTML5 to consign components like audio and video, as well as a localStorage proxy for saving data offline. It also makes extensive use of CSS3 to supply a robust fashioning layer. Sencha feel is compatible with Apple iOS 3+, Android 2.1+ and BlackBerry 6+ devices.
  2. Applications developed from this framework easily scale to different resolutions for maximum compatibility with varying screen sizes of different phones - iPhone, iPad and the various Android phones.
  3. With HTML5 and CSS3 allowing higher flexibility in the application, it also provides greater support for animations and enhanced touch events.
  4. Using Sencha Touch, one can get a single codebase that covers multiple platforms (iOS and Android) using only Web technologies and PhoneGap for the push.
  5. It works as a time saver, for building a basic mobile app or creating a complex app with many screens. Having all of building blocks in a single package, with one set of documentation and a single code-style makes Sencha Touch the only cross-platform professional-grade solution for the mobile web. The cross-platform compatibility and the various built-in mobile tools help one achieve native performance quickly and easily with the best effects.
  6. Sencha is popular for HTML5 as well as JavaScript framework it provides. 50 built-in components, state management and an integrated MVC system. It offers a free native packager that streamlines distribution to stores like Google Play.
  7. This technology has come loaded with some modern features and APIs that simplify the task of developing applications for mobile. But, the developers are required to work harder to get the coding right and also the end result is fantastic. To create native apps for different mobile platforms codes can be used. This technique helps saving a lot of time and cost associated with mobile development.
  8. Event Handling - Event handling provides much better touch event response on Android devices. The users find it so smooth and easy to scroll on their mobile devices with the Sencha Touch development.
  9. Rationalized Configuration System - The configuration system makes it very easy for setting up the touch application. It thus saves time and allows streamlining the setup of components.
  10. Faster layouts - The layout components are comparatively faster and thus make the apps work faster too. Its orientation is also attractive and advanced. Its new class system from Ext JavaScript 4 that provides the benefits of intelligent and innovative builds as well as dynamic loading capabilities.

The Sench Touch development offers an extremely powerful framework for companies to develop touch devices as per their customers need. It provides 3 key features Performance, ease of use, and native support. Since its launch in 2010, more than 500,000 developers have downloaded Sencha Touch and created tens of thousands of apps that run across the most popular touch-based Smartphones and tablets. Some of the best Sencha Touch applications are featured in the Sencha Touch App Gallery, with more added every week. Smaller sites can be developed in a matter of days. This saves a considerable amount of time in development. Using the built-in components of Sencha Touch, reduces development time by days since developers need not spend time implementing on usability features like Carousel swiping and multimedia loading including video and audio. This way it meets the current day business values.

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