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Items and Supplements for General Equestrian Care and Health

by Lacent1955SamsA

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Whether you own a single horse or an entire stable, caring for a horse entails major responsibility and is nothing like owning a conventional house pet. Whether you plan on racing your horse in the Kentucky Derby or just want a companion horse, you will need to understand the animal's behavior as well as general care and maintenance. Furthermore, you also need to be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on food and supplements. There is also the additional cost of training the horse and hiring a helping hand to care for it on a day-to-day basis.

Horse Diet and Supplements

The bulk of a horse's diet should be from roughage; this consists mostly of hay and grassy stalks. Horses' digestive tracts can utilize these foods for maximum nutritional intake. They should also eat roughly one to two percent of their bodyweight each day. Grain in small amounts should also be incorporated into their diet.

Just as people take vitamins to supplement their diet, horses can benefit from the same. There are plenty of horse supplements that you can use to ensure optimal health in your equestrian. The following supplements are recommended though you should always consult with a horse physician to determine the exact vitamins and minerals your horse needs.

* Join Health - Horses suffer from arthritis pain just as much as people do. Joint health supplements are fortified with amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and cetyl myristoleate.

* Intestinal Health - A horse's intestinal health can affect virtually every aspect of its health from digestion to weight management. Intestinal health supplements include antioxidants, soluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

* Hoof Support - Healthy hooves are important and comprise of a horse's foundation. Hoof supplements include a mix of biotin, copper, cobalt, manganese and amino acids.

* Athletic Performance - Supplements for promoting peak physical performance is essential if you ride your horse or enter it in competitions. Such supplements include a variety of vitamins and trace minerals. This promotes muscle recovery and the repair of connective tissue and articular cartilage.

Other Essential items

Owning an equestrian also requires several other equipment and items. This includes bandages, stirrups, saddle cloths, reins and grooming accessories. These items along with supplements can be found in an equestrian store. These stores provide everything needed to raise a horse and keep it healthy and happy. It may also carry apparel and items for riders and general horse lovers.

Equestrian clearance stores make horse care and maintenance as affordable as possible. Aside from the basic necessities, you also have to be there for the horse on an emotional level. Horses experience stress and other emotions just the way people do. Care for the horse as you would do for a child and get a companion horse for your equestrian if need be. Also be sure to have your horse checked by a doctor and give it plenty of pasture to roam freely as opposed to keeping it in its stable 24/7. While caring for a horse is time consuming and expensive, it is also tremendously rewarding.



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