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Social X - A Contrasting Approach To How People And Brands

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Since its inception, Social X has been quickly gaining the attention of businesses and brands as it represents a new and unique way of market research and consumer brand engagement.


Currently, brands use Facebook pages to post updates, content, and promotions, which are often self-centered and are disregarded by most fans. Furthermore, interactions between brands and fans are very limited and interaction among fans is rarely present at all. This makes it difficult for brands to track and/or organize market feedback.


Social Xis a stepping stone for brands and has arrived at a time when marketers and organizations are wondering how to demonstrate ROI in their social media strategy on Facebook. They know that Facebook "likes" do not equal sales and are looking for new alternatives to engage with their customers, improve their marketing strategy, and ultimately drive new sales.


“When it comes to tapping into the value of a Facebook page, marketers want to drive revenue, and consumers want to see things that interest them. Social X is designed to be a win-win for both the brand and the fan” says Jean Dobey, founder of Hibe.“It provides an ideal environment for brands to identify their core fans and influencers, develop personalized relationships with them and serve highly-targeted messages to this captive community of superfans.”


Social X allows brands to create vibrant communities and social hubs of “true fans” passionate about their products and services, foster relationships between fans, and increase brand engagement right on their Facebook pages, something that all brands should integrate into their marketing strategy.

Facebook users are provided with a blank canvas on which they can share their own experience with that product or service in the Social X interface, thereby allowing millions of Facebook fans to connect and share with people who have the same interest as them, right in the brand’s space - their Facebook pages. For the brand, it is an opportunity to gather and display true testimonials written by fans and brand ambassadors, which are often the most effective way to earn the trust and business of potential customers and thus increase revenues.


Businesses can harness their Social X data as a map of interest-based booklets to know what their fans are most interested in and gather feedback about their products and/or service.

This will help them not only in optimizing and personalizing their social interactions with fans, but also develop highly targeted promotions and gather valuable information for future product development.


Social X is an application of Hibe, anetwork of mobile and web apps enabling with a mission to ease people’s online communication, allowing you to connect and share your interests with the people in your life, wherever they may be online, regardless of device, platform or location. Since Hibe was first introduced in 2010, it has been covered in many noteworthy media source, including, Glamor Magazine, and ABC Radio.

Later, NetExplo/UNESCO selected Hibe as one of the most promising global technologies of 2011, and in 2012 as one of the Top 5 technology trends that will shape the future of the Web.

Recently, Hibe was invited to the Advertising Week in New York (October 2012) as one of the 30 startups worldwide with revolutionary technologies that are changing the advertising world.



About Social X:


Social X is a social marketing application that helps brands create a unified destination online for individuals who share the same interest – enabling their fans on Facebook to share their passions and make new friends among like-minded people in the brand’s "backyard". Social X also enables brands to tap into their audience’s valuable insight, and then use that content for marketing purposes.


This opens up a host of unparalleled marketing opportunities for brands. It proposes unique ways for brands to build personalized relationships with their fans and existing customers. Furthermore, brands can run contextual marketing campaigns based on different elements of their audience, gain deep market insights and discover additional sales opportunities through social activities.


Try it for free at


This is the power of Hibe, a network of communication and online interactions completely independent of the devices and services you use.


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