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USB Flash Drives Impose a Big Risk to the Company

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In the year of 2010 U.S military confessed that they had been a victim of cyber criminals’ attack in 2008. A computer system at Middle East was plugged in a USB flash drive that contained a harmful virus. The virus spread rapidly through the server and different mediums between the remotely located databases. That incident proved to be a wakeup call for the U.S military and the use of Pentagon prohibited the use if USB flash drives for more than a year. The ban was lifted earlier in the same of the confession by the Pentagon.

After such hazardous arrack on one of the most delicate organization of the world, the Pentagon still allowed to use USB flash drive after making some amendments in the security protocols of the department. How essential USB thumb drives have become for work can be easily be felt by this incident. According to a security expert, a quarter of all the malicious viruses that circulate and infect the records around the world are spread by the most used portable data storing device around the world i.e. jump drive.

As a report suggests, almost 32 percent of the companies around the world experience an attack of virus via USB thumb drive. In the United States of America, nearly half of the companies suffer malicious attacks through the same portable data storing device. Data security experts’ rate USB flash drives quite high as the source of data leakage and responsible for spreading harmful viruses. Knowing the fact, USB flash drives are still the most vastly used portable data storing device around the globe.

The reason that this USB flash drives are so popular among computer users is due to its extremely affordable rates, mobility and capacity of storing data. A USB jump drive that can save data up to 1GB can store data equal to almost 700 floppy disks. There are USB drives with a storage capacity of 64GB are easily available in the market having a size of a thumb. You can just imagine mobile has data become after the invention of USB drives.

Where its mobility and portability is a reason of USB flash drives’ success, it’s also the reason to curse the USB flash drive. These data storing devices are so small in size that taking care of these drives is so difficult. Every year thousands of USB jump drives get misplaced or stolen containing sensitive data. What if a person who works in the Pentagon loses his or her portable storage? Definitely, it can be a lethal weapon against the Pentagon and can spill out many secrets that should never be revealed.

As the world knows that taking care of USB storage is quite a difficult task, software that can Secure USB can be the solution for many anticipated risks. In the modern world, it is almost impossible to quit the use of portable storage devices. Employees have to carry data to their home to give the best output and business personals also have to carry data with them to stay in touch with the information.

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