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A Striking Tour to Freetown

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Positioned in Sierra Leone’s coast, Freetown is the biggest city as well as the capital of the nation. Moreover, it is also the economic, financial and cultural hub of the country.The city is dwelled by more than one million people. As a matter of fact, it was established as an abode of freed slaves from Caribbean and North America who put down rootsin the urban and named Krio. Moreover, the freed slaves took along a distinctive language known as Creole or Krio, which, at present, is the city’s main language.Freetown is constantly emerging as an eminent and famous vacation spot thanks to a flourishing tourism infrastructure.In addition, numerous fine eateries, wonderful hotels, enjoyable nightlife and great shopping together with myriads of enchanting things to see and do add to its popularity as a tourist destination.

Climate of Freetown
The city is very hot and rather wet all year-round; however, the chief rainy season takes place between May and October.The average high temperature does not alter greatly from month to month, hitting the highest point during the months of March and April and later falling by several degrees the remaining year.

Historical Delight
Liberated American and British slaves started new lives in the city and their group was called Nova Scotia Settlers who set up a new colonyin 1792 which was entitled Settler Town. These days, it is recognized as the city’s oldest area. To your utter amazement, the most celebrated and familiar sight is not a structure but, in actual fact, a tree which is renowned as the Cotton Tree. It is considered the same tree, which stood in Freetown the very day those freed slaves came to this land for the first time and stepped up to it for giving thanks that they arrived here securely and without harm. In this way, the Cotton Tree is linked with the establishment of the city. Other historic and religious sensations of Freetown are Foulah Town Mosque, St George’s Cathedral and St John’s Maroon Church.

Remarkable museums
There are several astonishing museums in the city which offer a peep into the olden times of Freetown.National Railway Museum houses a unique train coachthat was constructed in 1961forQueen Elizabeth II. Apart from this, Sierra Leone Museum is also acclaimed and worth visiting if you wish to become acquainted with the nation’s past and culture.

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