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Linux Server Hosting - Making a Difference

by swethar

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In today’s world, a well-designed website has become very important for larger or smaller size business. If you want to start up a new business, a perfectly designed website can really help you by making your services or products popular among people of all over the world. So, web hosting is a very important step in achieving success in the business. With a little bit of investment, anyone can create his or her own website. Once you have decided to go to a new website, first of all you have to look for a website development company that can fulfill your entire requirements, and then the most important part is to find a web hosting company. The host should be selected by looking at their reliability, security factors, scalability and availability. What technology that the web hosting company is using should be another important factor to look upon. In today’s market, there three common web hosting servers are available: windows, Linux and UNIX. Though the windows are known for its countless features, the server for Linux is mainly known for their resistance to worm and virus attack.  

The windows servers with a wide range of features are considered to be more prone to be attacked by the virus. On the other hand, Linux servers fix the virus attack by just rebooting the system. The maximum damage that might happen is slowing down the memory until rebooting is finished. Web security is most important and cornerstone of the business of web hosting and fully depends on the latest technology.

The Linux servers are highly designed to meet the requirements of business application like database management, web service and network and system administration. Ubuntu is a very common server for Linux and is considered as small business server. It is famous for its hardware supports, high quality commercial support and an easy installation program. It is totally a class by itself and the world class services it provides can’t be found in others.

While considering the Linux servers, Red Hat and SUSE are also very good are highly rated among the customers. Started out as a little Linux company, Red Hat has now become the main source for the data center rack space. On the other hand, SUSE provides 24x7 support assistance for those people who don’t go for lengthy troubleshooting calls. So, at the time of selecting your best server for Linux, make sure that the option you choose provides you the maximum web protection.   


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