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The foursome techniques to pick up beautiful women

by anonymous

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If you are shy and a bit of a reserved person you are sure to encounter problems when you think about ways to pick up beautiful women. Your sexual attraction does not qualify you to become a primate partner especially when there are so many young, lethal and confident men to choose from. The more beautiful the woman is the more likely it is that she will instill fear of rejection in you. So how can you tactfully pick up beautiful women without perspiring?  Here’s how:

Self Poise and Confidence

If you learn to control your stutter and display confidence in front of women, they will be naturally drawn to you. Walk with a gait that is full of assurance and self reliability. Even if you are quivering from inside you need to display a royal stature. Attraction is like a game of animals the more power an animal wields power the more likely a female will be attracted to that male. You need to be sure and positive about the way you speak so as to command authority in the place where women are seated.

Pick up Artist Techniques

Be open and frank with her. If you are approaching her for the long haul or for a casual relationship you should be honest with her. This is one of the most basic pick up artist techniques that is usually ignored by people, they think by disguising their actual intentions they will be able to snare a women within seconds. This misguiding thought is what makes men appear as chauvinistic pigs.

External Appearance and Outlook

The way you present yourself to the world is exactly the way you will be perceived by the opposite gender. It does not matter whether you are Russell Crowe fat or skinny like Tom Hanks, the way you dress is of acute importance. If you don a pair of unclean trousers and expect to pick up beautiful women you are definitely out of your mind. A cultured and humble speaking manner will be an added bonus to your persona.

Humor and laughter

Your sense of humor is one of the basic components that will leave a lasting impression on women. This is not to imply that you will insult her or make rude remarks about her appearance which is usually a big turn off for women. Practice to laugh like a human being and not roar like lion. A husky and throaty laugh can make you seem very appealing to the opposite gender.  Humor is a rare quality that not everyone is gifted with but with a thorough practice and watching stand up comedies can help you to develop a correct comic sense.

These are the four golden techniques to help you take your choice of women home. They can be learnt by anyone and can help you find your mate without any difficulty. It does not matter what your age is or how you look you can easily pick up beautiful women with these foursome and wholesome methods.


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