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Tips Which Ensure Positive Customer Experiences and Loyalty

by paulakanellos

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Are you planning to set up a full service restaurant or coffee shop? Positive customer experiences are one of the key success factors for reaping in great dividends and a long list of loyal customers. Given below are some important points to keep in mind-- as you plan out your restaurant ordering system or other factors contributing to great customer service and support.

The Employees in your Establishment

How often have you been bowled over by the courteous attitude and pleasant demeanor of the employee waiting to take your order with a smart POS coffee shop in place? Employees related to a restaurant or cafeterias are the first point of interaction with the services rendered by the establishment. Undoubtedly, a well trained team of restaurant staff will keep guests happy and make them come back for more.

Not any staff can cater to guests at the bar counter or table. It is important to train an enterprising team of young people ready to take on challenges and satisfy clients with their multitasking, friendliness, undivided attention and non-irritating behavior. They also have to be trustworthy, educated and capable of working in teams.

Handling of Customer Complaints

The next step towards generating loyalty from clients is in the way in which a restaurant or other establishment handles complaints. Things may go wrong at times—no matter how hard you try to make them otherwise. So, how do you deal with situations when food gets burnt or is left undercooked, orders are delayed or forgotten during peak hours of dining or when servers forget to behave as trained?

Regardless of the nature of complaint, employees in the hospitality business have to learn how to please their clients. Acknowledgement of the problem and empathy with the same is as important as laying down the realistic levels of expectation of the clients. A research into the handling of common customer complaints will go a long away in helping you train your employees in the right manner.

Showcasing Customer appreciation

Actions always speak much louder than words—and the adage is all the more applicable in the field of hospitality and customer appreciation. Fortunately, this does not cost any money and can be imbibed into your system with a lot of efficacy and ease. Personal attention delivered by the manager or owner is always helpful in enhancing customer experiences and making them feel more wanted and at home.

Technological advancements and the advent of sophisticated hospitality management software have made it easy for restaurant owners like you to handle their guests with a lot more flair and ease. Right from programming the restaurant ordering system to making sure that all required details of the client are  in place before he leaves the venue—the impact of technological inputs are being felt—and in more ways than one.

About the author:

With over 10 years of experience in developing POS coffee shop applications, the author of this article is a self made software developer, a good cook, and a globe trotter. She has developed different cloud based applications forrestaurant ordering system that are being used by different hospitality industry players.

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