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A Triumph of Joy with Dental Implants in Chicago

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The use of dental implants in Chicago to replace missing teeth is becoming a preferred alternative for restorative dentists and their patients. If you happen to have lost a tooth from an injury, periodontal disease or for any other reason, same day dental implants are the perfect solution for you! Since they look and feel more like natural teeth, the levels of comfort, security and confidence are far greater than traditional treatments.


Benefits are aplenty! The renewed ability to chew and speak properly, preservation of remaining jaw bone structure, reduction of infections and possible gum problems and the restoration of facial aesthetics are just some of the benefits. But most importantly, they increase your confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants allow your mouth to be show-cased at optimum appearance and function without damaging other teeth or soft tissue. It has become the standard of care for the replacement of teeth, which is why Dental Implants in Chicago are likely the best option possible for you.


What is a Dental Implant?


Dental implants are metal screws or cylinders inserted into the jawbone and are used to support artificial teeth. They are intended to mimic our natural tooth roots. Most modern implants are made of medical grade titanium since they are able to support a biological bonding process with the surrounding bone. This same metal has been successfully used in hip replacements for many years and it’s having just as much success with restoring people’s smiles and ability to lead a healthy life.


Implants may be used to replace teeth in single tooth spaces, groups of two or more missing teeth, or where the teeth are completely missing in one or both jaws. Once the surrounding bone has healed from the new titanium roots, a process called “osseointegration”, a replacement tooth or artificial crown is secured to the top of the implant. These new teeth look, feel and perform similar to your natural teeth.


How Long Does it Take to Get Implants?


Forget about waiting several months and having several surgeries; long dental procedures are a thing of the past. Dentists who provide Dental implants in Chicago can do this procedure in the same day. Technological advances accomplished in the last 10 years have been revolutionary and today, a dental implant can be done in a few hours, even if you’re having all of your teeth replaced.


Same day dental implants help patients return to normal life more quickly and it is the fastest way to regain bite function and smile aesthetics after losing original teeth. You can have an implant done on a Friday afternoon and be telling your fellow office friends all about the procedure by Monday morning.


Confidence in your teeth affects how you feel about yourself; both personally and professionally. Dental implant patients always talk about how their implants gave them confidence and natural function, improving their quality of life. This gives them a new sense of security by allowing them to eat whatever they like, speak clearly and easily and most importantly, smile at any moment. You can achieve all the above mentioned on the same day!


Improving the look and feel of your teeth is no longer a traumatic experience. Today, getting dental implants in Chicago works easily, gently and fast, no matter how many teeth you need to restore. This advanced process combines the latest technology and the best professionals in Chicago offer patients a quick, minimally invasive and painless way to get new teeth. It’s time to remove soup and mashed food from our tables and welcome back steak and crunchy vegetables!

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