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Proper Method of maintaining the natural stones of your hous

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If you have natural stones in your home, you should know how to take care of beautiful natural stone in this present world. Therefore, you need to gain proper knowledge how to care your pricey natural stones which will help to maintain them in the best way possible.


Dirt, soil and sand can destroy your natural stone floors as it causes continuous abrasion. You need to rub your floors regularly using natural stone cleaners in order to make it maintain in a proper manner. You may also use a vacuum cleaner which may prove to be beneficial for you, specifically on designed floors, but it should be in proper condition and should have no beaten bars to prevent destruction of your beautiful floor. Vacuum cleaners can even help you to clear the hard reached sections.


But you need to be very careful. The mats around the door areas of the internal or exterior portion of the entrance can get much dirty as these areas are prone to accumulate grit before it starts to enter your stone flooring. It is essential to make sure that the bottom portion of the mat should always be kept clean. Moreover, just make sure that the door mats are kept completely clear to prevent accumulation of grit in your home. For this, you should use best quality stone cleaning products.


You should never use such products which comprises of vinegar, lemon juice, or any acidic materials on travertine, limestone and marble. You should avoid those products which comprises of ammonia, cleansers and chemicals that cleans abrasion. This kind of products will lessen the shine of your stone floors. Furthermore, you should not use typical commercial cleaners which may be harmful for your stone flooring. The same rule is also applicable in case of glass cleaning products. 


Speaking of glass cleaner, don’t use any such products which contain ammonia. It can prove to be very harmful for your stone and glass products. In order to clean your stone walls from fungus attack, you should try to use plain water along with any bleach solution. 


Finally, you should understand that the stone floors demands best quality maintenance in order to prevent any kind of damage. Moreover, you should be very careful while moving any materials on your stone floor from one place to another. Your may also use wheels or protector legs for your furniture to avoid scratching. There could be fungus attack on your stone floors. Therefore it is a wise decision to use repellent wash cleans to keep your floors completely safe from insect attack. The bottom line is you should try to maintain your stone floors in the best way possible.

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