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Dinar in the money market

by ahmeddinargate2

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If we discuss Iraqi Dinar, we cannot negate the times when Iraq went in war with the US invasion. Before the war Iraq used to print notes in Swiss technology, after that they began to print Dinars using a cheaper technology. This was a reason why Iraq began to face high rates of inflation that led to Iraqi Dinars falling to 3000 Iraqi Dinars to one US Dollar.

However, before the war Iraqi dollar was equal to 3.3 US Dollars. Dinar Exchange Rates returned to normal after war, striking back to the previous level. Now the Iraqi Government is looking to revalue the Iraqi Dinar against US Dollar. Therefore, after the war Iraqi Dinars had to fight back to revive its value. It initially had to tone down the effects of high inflation it faced due to the loss of Swiss technology, aftermath of war and different sanctions on Money exchange.

Dinar Exchange Rates today are coming back to their previous values as Iraq is on its way to Development. According to the US geologists, Iraq is the second biggest oil producer of the world and soon it will top the list by becoming the first strongest oil producer of the world. All the nations today depend on oil for their prosperity and development and this is one reason why Dinar Iraq Exchange Rate is a currency everybody wants to hold.

With the dynamic utilization of the reserves of Oil, Iraq is expected to take back its currency to the levels it was before the war. Dinar exchange rate is the one that faces least fluctuations. Iraq Currency is getting very popular whereby many speculators are looking for possibilities to earn profits by holding Dinars.

Currently the value of Dinar is depreciating where many speculators feel it the perfect time to buy Iraqi Dinars, as in near future Dinar Exchange Rates will raise. Economic growth of Iraq is rising. It is fathomed that growth will rise by 47% by 2014, in a few years time Iraqi Dinar will be high in value whereby holders of Iraqi Dinars will be able to earn more handsome profits in exchange for a few Dinars only.

CBI (central Bank of Iraq) is working on ways to revert the currency to its previous position and it is projected by many economists that soon Iraq will take back the exchange rate to where it used to be two decades back.

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