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Ancient Sex ‘Vs. Modern Sex

by adultmart

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Sex was taken very seriously in Indian History. All over India there are thousands of temples and hundreds of historical monuments. Those were built in the memories of different eminent personalities and historical figures. The arts and sculptures that were on the walls are so dynamic and marvelous that they make any person realize what had actually happened during their time. The scriptures show their lifestyle and culture. It also shows different festivals and rituals of their times. Sex was so pure and meditated in their time. Different sex positions are found in their art and scriptures. Hindu considers the people in the statues to be their God. It shows the clear picture of how they had sex. Sex was so sacred that it was even encrypted in the pillars and walls of the monuments. The kings and the queens at that era had sex with different aristocratic styles. A book named Kama sutra explains all the various positions of sex. Kama sutra does not support any kind of creams, lotions or adult toys in the whole book. In the book, sex is treated as totally natural. There was no any artificial stuff used.

Thousands and millions of years ago, neither the kings ever used any kind of male masturbators nor did the queens use any dildos. World was not so developed and stuffs like mastrubators, vibrators, dildos, etc were not being produced which would enhance a person’s sexual urge and drive them crazy to have sex in a lower age. None of the monuments show any kind of signs or symbols which would prove that the ancient living beings were using those artificially and electronically equipped devices to stimulate their genitals or sexual organs.

Contrary to the above facts of ancient sex, modern era shows development in fields like sexual market. Sexual equipments are now being ranked in the share markets. Different multinational companies have their products as sexual stuffs. People eagerly surf in internet to have a look at the top 10 adult stores of their country. They do so only to have an improved and an ecstatic sexual and physical life. They can find toys which would give them more pleasure while having a peaceful sex. People are now aware of the different health problems related to unsafe sex. A number of precautionary measures are being taken to avoid such issues. Sexual problems like AIDS, syphilis, gonnorhoea, etc are fatal diseases which have no cure. Such diseases need effective protection and precaution. Scientists have found various ways through which unsafe sex can be avoided. Use of condoms is strictly instructed to men so that, during the orgasm, the sexual fluids do not enter the female reproductive system. Females are notified to use copper-T or vaginal caps to avoid fertilization of the sperm with ova and also the sexual fluids come in contact with each other which should be strictly avoided. Vasectomy (for males) and tubectomy (for females) are the surgical processes to prevent the birth of a child after sex. These were certain comparisons between our ancient sex and sex in our present day. How badly they contrast each other!

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