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It Is Not Difficult To Become an NHS Dentist

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For a person living in the United Kingdom there are several choices available for those who wish to become dentists including becoming an NHS dentist. In fact, if you wish to become an NHS dentist requires only that you undertake a certain form of education that along with the right kind of training will be all. At the very least, to become an NHS dentist also requires that you meet the standards laid down by the General Dental Council. The task of achieving your goal is challenging but one that can be achieved by being dedicated and undergoing the right kind of training.


Enroll In Undergraduate Dental Course


To start with, it is necessary that you enroll you into an undergraduate level course in dental education that should of course be monitored by General Dental Council. To get a list of schools approved to provide such education you can get in touch with the General Dental Council. Furthermore, the undergraduate course must be of at least five years duration though with an accelerated program you can complete this course in four years.


Secondly, in order to become an NHS dentist also requires that you complete the necessary practical training which is a requirement that allows you to take the next step in becoming an NHS dentist. This kind of practical training is often available in hospitals where you can work as house surgeon that of course is the equivalent of being a paid intern in the US. The best part is that you get paid for this kind of training and after completion you will get to earn a bachelor’s degree.


Thirdly, to become an NHS dentist requires that you select a particular field in which you are interested which you can then study after having earned your bachelor’s degree. It is then necessary that you start with your postgraduate education in dentistry which is when you will get training in your specialty subject. And, if you also plan to offer general dentistry services, after becoming an NHS dentist, you will need to complete some vocational training.


The last step in becoming an NHS dentist is that you have to complete the vocational dentistry program training and then start looking to find a job in general dental practitioner’s office where you can star your career as an NHS dentist.


NHS dentist prices are actually fixed as well as subsidized by the government which means that patients getting their treatment by an NHS dentist will have to pay less than for private dental care. Furthermore, the process of paying for costs of NHS dentistry have been simplified which is another benefit that patients can get to enjoy.

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