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The Importance of Employment Screening Solutions When Hiring

by AlexBlaway83

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Employment screening solutions are very important when you are hiring for your business. It's often difficult to do this yourself and many companies outsource to a company like PeopleG2 so that they can get it done correctly. Companies like provide a complete and comprehensive employment screening solution, where they verify the applicant at every stage of the hiring process. It provides a seamless experience when hiring new employees. Their employment screening solutions include social media screening, background checks, and even drug tests. Below, you'll find why these types of services are important to your business and the integrity of your company. Many business owners are surprised to hear that neglecting background or drug testing can lead to problems down the road and it can even irritate customers.

Social media screening verifies employee integrity

Employees that you do not want working for your business can often be weeded out through social media screening. The types of things that an individual post on the Internet, such as on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages can tell you a lot about who they are as a person and how genuine of an employee they will be. Social media screening is a good thing to do so that you can see what type of person they are and whether or not they have any secrets. The integrity of an individual can often be found through the social media screening process. If they publish negative things about the government, negative things about their job, or things that are not respectful in general, you can quickly look past this applicant and find a different employee for your business.

Background testing verifies they are not a criminal

The importance of doing a background check is significant. Verifying that the person you are hiring is not a criminal is perhaps the most important thing to do. Far too many businesses today neglect background checks. When you outsource the process, it's actually very inexpensive for your business and the results can be phenomenal. If you were to hire someone that has been convicted of a felony before, you never know what they are capable of doing. They could steal from your business, compromise your business data, or do other things that could bring the business down.

Drug testing ensures you are not hiring a drug addict

While you may not care so much about mild drugs like marijuana, it's important to drug test so that you know you are not hiring someone who is addicted to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, or anything similar. These types of drugs can be very damaging to the human brain and they can cause severe problems. It could cause the person to act irrationally or make detrimental mistakes while on the job. Hiring an individual like this would be a foolish mistake and it should definitely be avoided. The only way to ensure that your business avoids this is to do a complete drug testing evaluation on the applicant. It is completely legal for you to do this and every employer should consider it.



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