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The Long Term Value of Promotional Products

by anonymous

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If you are looking for new, fun and innovative ways to promote and create brand awareness for your business you cannot go past Promotional products.No matter how large or small your company may be, you should be using promotional items as an integral part of your next marketing campaign, this will result in an increase of sales and customer loyalty.

My neighbour Mick shared a story with me recently how his father was a sales representative for a paint company and every year he went out on his Christmas run seeing all his clients and dropping them off a bottle of promotional wine that had been branded with his company’s business logo.

One year things got a little tight as business wasn’t going as well as previous years and companies started to tighten up their belts. Mick’s father started receiving complaints from a customer, how the paint he was supplying had problems and the customers weren’t buying as much paint as they had in the past. He went out to see what the problem was explaining that nothing has changed it is the same paint formula as it has been and for many years. So he asked the client what the problem really was! The client informed him that he was annoyed that he didn’t get his Christmas wine and he really looked forward to receiving it every year; Mick’s father said is that all and went down the bottle shop, purchased some expensive wine and handed it to his customer.

A couple of weeks later he rang his client and asked how the wine was and better still how the paint was, client replied paint is fine, but the wine wasn’t as good as previous years.

Mick’s dad thought to himself we will never skimp on Christmas promotional gifts again as the bottle he purchased from the bottle shop was more than double the cost of the promotional wine.

Some interesting facts about promotional products are, according to a recent survey 82% of people remember the brand, logo or slogan seen advertised on a promotional products, promotional items last a long time so you get great value for money, they are perceived as valuable and often kept and used by the recipient, and they are the only form of advertising that people actually thank you for receiving.

This year’s most popular promotional items in no particular order are:

• Non-Woven Bags

• Stubby Coolers

• Metal Pens

• Plastic Pens

• Bottle Openers

• Mouse Mats

• Drink Bottles

• Fridge Magnets

• Badges

• Caps

• Polo Shirts

• Hoodies

Author Bio: Steve Hurley is All About U Promotion’s Business Development Manager, with over 15 years printing & promotional experience. His in-depth knowledge of the promotional industry and decoration techniques will help you choose the best solution for your business.

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