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Design tips for the perfect home office.

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Today it is perfectly normal for home owners to use one of their spare rooms as a home office. However, the idea of a room full of junk with a cramped desk and chair shoved in the corner is neither appealing, nor is it conducive to being able to work happily and productively at home.

Today the home office often has to be a multi-functional room where it is possible to work, using your computer equipment while it is also a place to store papers and documentation for work and for the family. In some cases the home office also has to serve as an occasional guest room when space is at a premium. This is a lot to ask of one room.

Good interior design choices can help you create a home office space which is not only functional but beautiful too. You want your home office to be comfortable even when you are working so that your productivity is high. The right storage, seating and lighting are therefore extremely important, not just for the look of the office but for the use of it too.

Let’s imagine you are starting with a completely empty spare room. How are you going to transform it into the perfect home office?

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, you will also need to consider choosing the right furniture so that you are comfortable and everything you need is easily stored and at hand. This is what we call Ergonomics in the interior design business. It is the science of creating a living space which suits our needs and our movements so that we are comfortable and can move around a space with ease. For example, there would be very little point having extremely high shelves and storing things you need every day on the highest shelves, you would be up and down step ladders all day! Making your life as simple, comfortable and easy is the key to good ergonomics and in a home office it is essential so that you can function easily and concentrate on getting on with your work rather than worrying about where everything is and being able to reach it.

Storage is important as we have already mentioned. Being organized is so important in a home office. The last thing you need to is be wasting time trying to find every little piece of paper you need. Good storage, filing systems, shelving and cabinets are a must in a functional home office. When you are planning your office, think about what types of storage you will need – that is, think about what you have to store! There’s no point buying yourselves two big sets of shelves if what you really need are some good quality filing cabinets and drawer chests. The storage is part of the furniture too remember so consider buying proper office furniture with matching desks and storage built in. Many of these sets are ergonomically designed so they will be extremely practical to use as well as look stylish.

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