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Sustainable architecture - a picture of our present

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Sustainable architecture - a picture of our present and our future in building design.

From a designer perspective, many architects are influenced by the fusion of history, culture and environment when creating a new building. In today’s world, sustainability is also influencing architects and has a substantial bearing on how they design and what materials they choose.

Today,the architects of Fusion in Cedar Rapids are designing with sustainability blended with design foremost in their minds.

Why is modern sustainable architecture so popular?

People care about the planet. They also want to get back to nature, and even when they are in the most urban of settings there is the desire to feel they are in a natural space. Throughout human history, man has achieved the difficult task of protecting himself from the elements using a balance and combination of natural and man-made materials. The art to good sustainable modern design is to merge the outside with the indoors and bring the two seamlessly together.

Using a palette of natural materials and colors, and an architect’s toolbox of clever design ideas, sustainable design can achieve beauty, functionality and sustainability while making the most of available space.

A sustainable building uses the earth’s natural resources in the most efficient way possible, harnessing the power of the elements to reduce energy consumption and carefully using the earth’s natural materials to provide shelter, warmth and beauty. It is no wonder sustainable architecture is so popular in today’s world.

Healthy living is on everyone’s minds and that has influenced the world of architecture. Clients are looking for lots of natural light, fresh airy space and room to breathe within the space. Good architectural design has no room for cramped and airless spaces that use artificial lightthroughout the day. Today’s business owners will not consider a space that doesn’t address this most fundamental aspect of the design.

Sustainable architecture at its best, gives people all of these features, andit is no surprise it is the top choice for people as they are the key to today’s sustainable architecture.

Technologically, we are much more connected to each other, and we now want to be part of a community these days. Particularly in urban areas, where there are literally millions of people filling up relatively small geographical areas, we have become solitary and ‘alone in a crowd’.

Sustainable design is responding to the desire in people to be together and part of a group, where they have their privacy and space,while also feeling together and part of a larger common good.  Peaceful natural environments enhance this feeling, particularly in places like offices and shopping centers and multi-level living spaces where green spaces are incorporated.

The best sustainable architects focus upon clean, pleasing lines, and beauty with warm natural materials and natural color palettes. Theyaccommodate technology and communications within the natural luxury, making sure this is all fitted beautifully within spacious ergonomic areas.They design specifically with people in mind, and putting all these elements together and creating one coherent design is no easy task.

In this technological age, it’sexpected that humanity would be more attracted to the artificial, futuristic designs once seen in sci-fi movies. However, as we evolve, it seems our architectural needs and desires are evolving too. We are using the newest methods, materials and technologies to create the most sustainably natural and comfortable environments possible.

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