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The Solution to Pollution: Hybrid Auto Sales in Lansing MI

by arlynenelms

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Detroit is known as the automobile capital of the world, but this doesn't mean that Lansing is taking the backseat. In fact, Lansing is hailed as the birthplace of the modern assembly line for automobile mass production, care of Oldsmobile. Yet this distinction comes with a price, as Detroit placed 7th among states with the most polluted air in 2012.

To alleviate this situation, another innovation was brought to life: hybrid vehicles. These cars run on gas and electric-powered motors and thereby increasing vehicle fuel economy while helping curb air pollution. It is thus not surprising why hybrid auto sales in Lansing MI and elsewhere in the country rose by 73% last year. Here's a brief look at the features of a typical hybrid car.

Hybrid cars: Basic Principles

A hybrid vehicle has two engines: a traditional gasoline engine and an electric motor. The electric motor is used for low-speed city driving, and when more power is needed, the gasoline engine kicks in. Through a process called "regenerative braking", the electric motor's battery gets recharged each time you step on the brakes.

Fuel Efficiency

The main advantage of driving a hybrid car is the optimum fuel economy. Some dual-powered vehicles, for instance, rate at 41 miles per gallon—equivalent to about 600 miles on a full tank of gas. The increased efficiency can be attributed to the fact that the workload is equally distributed between the two engines.

Environmental Benefits

A hybrid vehicle consumes less petroleum than the average internal combustion engine. This is mainly due to the differentiated power source in a hybrid car. With widespread use, hybrid cars can reduce greenhouse gas emissions of smog by up to 90% and cut carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 50%.

If the most recent Lansing MI auto sales figures are any indication, hybrid vehicles are certainly gaining ground in terms of popularity. Who says one can't strike a balance between between vehicle performance and eco-friendly features? With a hybrid car, you get exceptional fuel economy and at the same time help save the environment. For more information about where to find hybrid cars, visit

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