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Why to consider a water softener for your home

by irmagreer

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A water softener is something that every homeowner should strive to obtain. There are numerous benefits to using a water softener, including improvement to the value of a home. A water softening unit works by "softening" the water from its normal "hard" texture. Any natural water that is not softened by way of a water softening unit will feel hard; minerals in the water like calcium, manganese, and lime will cause deposits to form around the edges of faucets, fixtures, and can also corrode pipelines.

Other than corroding pipelines, hard water also causes water appliances to suffer from mineral build-up as well. When this happens, it can cause leaks, or an inefficient operation of the appliance unit.

It's imperative that if a homeowner is suffering from stained showers or toilets, loose fixtures, and damaged appliances that they consult with a plumbing company who specializes in replacing, or repairing water softening units. Furthermore, when a water softening unit is installed, it will also benefit many other things in the household, other than just saving the appliances and fixtures throughout the home.

When a water softening unit is installed into a home, the unit is first connected to the main water line into the house. Afterwards, the outlet lines of the water softener may be connected to the home water line to route the water into the rest of the home. After the unit has been installed, it will usually be filled with specialized salt.
This salt mixes with the incoming water, and helps to "capture" the hard minerals in a sodium bubble. While the hard minerals are still present with a water softener, they are not able to cause corrosive damages, or stick to hair, dishes, and laundry when using the home water.

When soft water is used in lieu of hard water, people will notice that their clothes will become cleaner, when they are doing nothing different. The reason for this is because the soap molecules, and dirt molecules are able to be removed from the clothing fabric much easier with soft water. With hard water, the minerals cling to the soap and dirt molecules, making cleansing dirt a much harder task.
This is also true for the dishes, and when taking a shower. People will notice that their dishes do not have as many water spots, and they will be able to wash their hair and body much easier with soft water, since the water won't be clinging to soaps.


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