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Olympia Roof Cleaning Prevents the Spread of Fungi on Roofs

by noreensaint

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Fungi will settle and thrive on almost any surface as long as there's moisture and the conditions are just perfect. That's why you shouldn't be surprised if you see black streaks staining your precious roof one day. For others, it may make them scratch their heads as to how fungi ended up thriving in the least place they expected them to.

To understand roof fungi, you must learn the nature of fungi in general. Upon reaching a certain stage, fungi will release spores, the next generation of fungi, that can ride with the wind to far-flung areas like metropolitan cities and suburbs. Places like the state of Washington, where many major cities are not far from forest land, are prone to spores that can't be seen in plain sight. The solution, roof cleaning in Olympia WA.

Most fungi, however, can't stay in the air for long periods because of low moisture; they may settle in a different place or die before reaching their destination. They also don't travel very far, as well; spores can settle two to five meters from the source depending on wind speed. Homes that are close to trees or with trees within the property may be susceptible to roof fungi.

However, air isn't the only factor that disperse fungal spores; water and animals can also be contributing factors. Imagine brushing your shirt off outside, any dust or spore that comes off from it can spread to the air and get carried to a fresh surface. These natural occurrences that happen in the sidelines can be the source of roof fungi.

Fortunately, it only takes some bleach and water to kill the fungi and make the roofing of Olympia WA homes, spic and span. Bleach can be deadly to plant and fungal life since it has the ability to punch through the thick cell wall and initiate chemical changes inside. If the fungi can't be dealt with as soon as possible, its spores will continue to spread on rooftops. Without adequate roof cleaning, they may be a major health and safety concern.

You can go to the University of Sydney website at to know more about fungi dispersal and carriers. For more information about roof cleaning, ask your local roofing contractors.

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