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Get Anaerobic Jars And Other Laboratory Requirements At Reas

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In order to ensure the proper functioning of a laboratory, it is important to have all the required instruments to carry on the various pathological and microbiological tests. Medica Instrument Mfg Co is one of the best registered companies which manufactures several lab instruments and devices like autoclaves, incubators, water baths, laminar hoods, ovens, anaerobic jars and many more. Medica Instrument Mfg Co ensures that the best quality materials are used in all their products, keeping in mind its functionality and efficiency. An anaerobic jar is a device that is required for the tests, required to be conducted in anaerobic environments. They are easy to use and have an indication facility.

The colony counter is yet another important device that you would require while you are decorating your lab. These machines are needed to count the bacterial colonies and other microbes in some time. Medica’s colony counting device is equipped with a powerful and advanced magnifying lens and a circular tube, so that it causes less fatigue to the operator. The model is portable and is of the size of a desktop monitor. They are equipped with an LED display that has an auto beep facility with every count. You just need to mark the colonies with a marker pen to get them registered. These devices can do a maximum of 9999 counts.

Medica Instrument Mfg Co also manufactures table-top sterilizers which are used for the rapid destruction of living microbes. These machines have automatic sterilizing and drying water facilities. The time for sterilizing is 7 minutes at a temperature of 134°C. It works in a hassle free manner and can be kept inside an operation theatre as well. Since the process is automatic, you do not need to have manpower. They are protected with silicone gasket and the parameters of the controller are programmable.

Other than the above, Recirculating Chiller is another important component of most laboratories. They are required to maintain temperatures lower than the atmospheric temperature. They are CFC free and do not harm the environment. Apart from that, they are designed in a way so that they can be easily cleaned and moved from one place to another. A laboratory oven is an essential item as well. It is used to keep the items in a controlled temperature till 200°C. Thus, Medica Instrument Mfg Co can solve all your laboratory requirements with its high quality equipments.

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