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An Introduction to Tower Server - IBM X86 Servers

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For several years, IBM has been known as a reputed organization that serves clients, including business and personal computing clients, with leading and cutting computing solutions. Modern business houses need a superior data storage system and seamless IT infrastructure for optimum business growth. Without protecting data properly, now business can write its own success saga. When it comes to choosing servers for business data storage, many of us show the reliability of IBM as a service provider as it is a reputed company, having vast knowledge and strong expertise in this field. As the technology is ramping up, different server systems are hitting the market. Some of such server systems are: rack servers, tower servers and blade servers.

IBM X86 Servers – Seamless Server Architecture

IBM X86 product lines are basically introduced in the market to serve the business houses. These servers feature better physical security, as they are designed with metallic body in order to protect the parts inside. These are easy to maintain and the cost of maintenance will not be much higher and thus for a business organization that cost should be considered as a negligible expenditure. All these servers endorse excellent uptime, with widespread business applications.

Tower Servers – Perfect Business Data Storage

Without having a good server, business network would fail to perform effectively and that would hamper the overall business infrastructure and functionalities. Here come the tower servers in the picture as these servers are meant for supporting complex business applications and providing seamless business networking. For any business, a tower server is the most basic type of server. For a startup business tower servers are mostly preferred over the rack servers as they come with a more affordable price tag. Another benefit is that the tower servers are user-friendly. They resemble to basic PCs or personal computers and thus, managing them becomes pretty easy, even for the novices.

Tower servers are based on the three major attributes, which actually make this kind of server very popular amongst the startup businesses especially. These three attributes are:

  • High Performance – for business networking tower servers are higher performing than the primitive servers, which are cheap but not at all worthy.
  • Upgradable – This is the biggest benefit of tower server! As they are upgradable to rack servers, they are mostly preferred by new entrepreneurs. They cost low but provide the provision of upgrade in future.
  •  Reasonable Price – Tower servers are basic type servers and thus they cost nominal.


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