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Being the Great wall of world

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Beijing is the Capital of China and is the most populous city in the world. Do you know it is the second largest city in China after Shanghai? Any way you might by guessing why I am talking about China. I have heard a lot about China so decided to see the real fact and figures which I have been reading for so many year. For going to any country one has to have a visa from their concern Embassy. After getting my tourist Visa I booked my ticket from Dear flight..
Beijing Capital International Airport is located 26 km from a city centre it has three terminals.
Terminal 1 for HNA group airlines, Terminal 2 for China Southern Airlines and Terminal 3 Air China and so. The distance between the Terminal 1 and 2 is 20 minutes for any fit person and between terminal 2 and terminal 3 Shutter bus runs after every 10 minutes after 11 Am. minimum checking in time vary but generally it is 30 minutes in most of the Cases. Faculties on arrival include ATM Machine and Money Exchanger. There is also shared computer and Wi Fi zone.

The Airport express train is the one way of moving out the airport but it is costly and overcrowded. If you have big luggage’s them it will be very hard for you to get place. Metal detector and X- ray machine are also not up to International level which is a great concern for the tourist.
A slighter cheaper way to get to the city centre is by Airport shuttle. Bus in each route runs every 10 -30 minutes and there is several lines running all direction throughout Beijing.
Public Buses
There are several Public buses fully packed running from all direction to somewhere which is very hard to navigate. So if are you are sure about your place them only you travel in Public Bus.
There is underground taxis stand which usually has 10-15 minutes queue. Taxi is a very expensive way of moving out to city and if you are tourist be sure to charge very high. If you come across tout, be sure most of them cheat the people so never take their word seriously.
By bicycle
Once known as a nation of Bicycles, Today most of the people prefer Bicycle in city due over congestion of motorized traffic lanes. All major Street lanes have a cycle lane. Bicycle is often faster than travelling in Car in Beijing.
The centre of the city and the most important landmark is Tiananmen Square. This is the world’s largest public Square and a must see for all the visitors from anywhere. The Square is surrounded by grand building including the Great Hall of the People, The Museum of Chinese History and so.
Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China is about 1 hr train trip and 1.5 hr by bus ride. It is the only man made structure visual from Sky Station
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