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Pre School Activities are Learning Experiences

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For preschool aged kids, life is one big learning opportunity. Just getting out of bed in the morning is a guarantee that something new and amazing is going to happen that day. While kids are learning to work or just relaxing and playing, the whole world is their classroom. This hyper-learning attitude is a unique and wonderful thing, and it gives parents and teachers the remarkable opportunity to guide a young person’s first experiences on planet earth. Since it’s important to get the most out of young children’s capacity for learning, there are many pre school activities available to help teachers and parents alike as they prepare their young charges for the world. Small children are still learning to talk. During their first months of speech, many children are only understandable to their parents and other people who spend a lot of time with them. This doesn’t mean, however, that these children don’t understand what’s going on. Just as people learning a new language tend to understand a lot more than they’re able to put into words, toddlers and other very young children have a lot more understanding than many people might realize. When choosing pre school activities for toddlers, it’s important to keep in mind that just because young kids may not be able to explain what they’ve learned, it doesn’t mean they haven’t learned anything.

For toddlers, learning and play can often be the same thing. Educational material can often take the form of games or playful activities. Even if these seem to be mostly aimed at fun, or seem to be repetitive, they are contributing immeasurably to a child’s learning experience. Pre school activities are supposed to be fun! Games can hold a child’s attention and help them absorb new information, not to mention teaching them the important skill of learning and following rules and instructions. Even games that don’t appear to be educational at first glance are invaluable learning tools.

Another advantage to game-style pre school activities is the opportunity for social interaction. Young children enjoy spending time together, and social interaction is another aspect of life that needs to be learned with help from parents and teachers. Not only is supervised playtime a valuable tool for helping children get to know each other, it gives kids a chance to watch their peers learn, which in turn teaches them new ways to learn themselves. Game-style learning activities also give parents and teachers the opportunity to be playmates to their kids, which fosters trust and deepens relationships.

Pre school activities are a vital part of everyone’s early development. Whether they’re based on a philosophy of intensive teaching or just allowing children to learn as they play, these activities form the foundation of all the learning and growing that a child will do—and learning is something that we never stop doing. Finding the right activities for a child is one of the best favors that a parent or teacher can give: the gift of a full and ever-interesting life.

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