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Penetration Testing - A Must for Website Security

by giftb859

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Penetration testing is the active analysis of the system, its network and the entire website for both known and unknown vulnerabilities arising out of inaccurate system configurations, hardware or software defects, inactivity of automatic updates and other flaws while processing and actively evaluating your information security measures. It's a form of testing by means of which a mock hacking activity takes place and malicious codes are entered by the tester in order to ascertain areas that are more susceptible to such attacks and those that are secure enough. A periodic report is prepared and forwarded to the admin along with full analysis report and technical solutions. The testing procedures therefore involve methods implemented as it would have been done by the potential hacker with active utilization of security vulnerabilities and accessing business losses that can take place in cases where security breach takes place.

User interfaces, network interfaces, APIs and in places where possible input values are entered becomes vulnerable especially when they have a poor design or are implemented incorrectly. network penetration testing is then conducted and inputs under possible threats are identified and interfaces are documented accordingly. Often error messages and unwanted dialog boxes appear that pose a probable threats that transfer information from the software to external sources for hacking to take place. In such a scenario it becomes a necessity to assess sources that make this possible and remove it from its root.

network penetration test helps in the formulation of information security strategy that involves identifying vulnerabilities and measuring the possible impact and making possible error resolution plans that can be implemented along with budget assessments. It curbs organizational failures caused due to security breach. Disaster scenarios are also prepared that help in judging the effect that a possible hacking can make in the system and network security zone by the help of prior attacks that happened earlier if any or willingly injecting some of the malicious codes to the system, analyzing the effects, creating the scenario and finding solutions to come out of the server or network security threat.

Penetration testing procedures prevents financial losses through lost revenue and data due to unethical processes such as hacking network pen test help in building good relationship with the clients by regular assessment for vulnerable threats on their website, server and network security as any possible hacking might prove dangerous and may result in losing business, payment of heavy fines, bad online reputation leading to gradual closing. Penetration testing is something that needs to be conducted quite often to secure a website and enabling smooth function so as to generate profits and utmost customer satisfaction.

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