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Plastic foldable crate vs. Wooden or metallic crates

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A crate is a container which can store almost anything. It is not a pricey product to buy since it is extremely cheap. But its benefits are too many to count. Crates make life easier for the traders and the transporters. They help in easy and secure movement of goods and offer enough protection. Besides, they are also used to exhibit commodities in the markets and their colorful varieties can make your jaws drop in excitement.

But when you flash out your wallet and shop around for them, always look for a plastic foldable crate. Though, you may also come across wooden ones or the metallic ones, they definitely are not as advantageous as the plastic-made ones.

Here is a comparison between a wooden crate and a plastic foldable storage crate:

  1. Durability: Plastic boxes can retain their original shape and texture even after 10 years, but the same cannot be said about wooden boxes. By nature, wood is a vulnerable material and develops cracks and fissures. Plastic, being a more durable material, can serve you for longer number of years.
  2. Ability to stay dry: For the inner contents to stay secure, it is vital that the container remains dry. Plastic boxes have this tremendous ability to remain dry even when the rain is falling like cats and dogs. On the other hand, wood gets affected by water. Water can even penetrate inside the wooden boxes and reach the contents inside. Such a possibility is not present in plastic crates which offer impregnable fortification.
  3. Use during fishing and boating: When you are going for fishing or boating, then a plastic foldable crate will offer you greater advantages. In such a watery milieu, it is likely that the box will get wet or moist. Hence, wooden boxes would definitely not be preferable. Apart from the disadvantages mentioned above, the wooden containers will also become heavier once they absorb moisture. Thus, they will add more weight on the boat and can cause you difficulty during navigating.
  4. Vulnerability to pests: Wooden boxes are greatly vulnerable to pests. At times, only after the passage of a few weeks, your newly purchased container can fall prey to some pests. Besides, if the containers are kept in some unhygienic or moist places, then some amount of damage would be inevitable. This is another area when a plastic crate would come as a relief. It does not get infected by pests and requires no maintenance on your part.

Comparison between a plastic crate and a metallic crate:

  1. Weight: One major difference between a plastic and a metallic crate lies in their weight. Plastic foldable storage crate is many times lighter than its metallic counterpart of the same size.
  2. Mobility or portability: Since the plastic-made crate is lighter, it is definitely more mobile and portable than a metal-made one.
  3. Tendency to develop rust: Metal-made crates often develop rust especially if they are used for water transportation. If they are made of inferior quality of steel or iron, then they can rust easily and heavily. Plastic crates do not rust or develop any other chemical reaction.

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