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Some Basic Information About Hydraulic Cylinder Parts

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Basically the hydraulic cylinder component is otherwise known as hydraulic motors. The word hydraulic was proposed by pascal. It is the one form of mechanical actuator that  it is used to carry unidirectional force through the unidirectional stroke. It has more than one applications in all the fields(i.e all form of engineering works). It generates linear force and motion from hydraulic fluids pressure. The double acting is applied to the piston or rod of the cylinder to generate extention or retraction force. It is mostly used in mechanical application. The hydraulic cylinder componenets gets the power from pressurized hydraulic fluids its normally in form of oil. It has cylindrical barrel which is connected to the piston rod. The barrel is coupled with both the end it means front and bottom. Barrel is closed with one.end cylinder bottom  as well as other end is closed with cylinder head. The piston rod used to come out of the cylinder. It is an actuator or motor side. The generator  side of the hydraulic is the hydraulic pump which brings fixed and regulated  flow of oil to the cylinder to move the piston.

The piston divides the internal part of the cylinder into two types of chamber, they are bottom chamber and piston rod side chamber. The types of cylinder are tie rod cylinder and welded body cylinder. In tie rod cylinder has threaded steel rod attached to both the end of the cylinder barrel. The threaded steel rod are most-liably strong and make the tie rod cylinder useful in heavy-duty industrial application. In welded body cylinder doesn’t have steel rod because it is directly coupled with the object so that it is designed to move freely. Why it doesn’t have steel rod means normally the welded body cylinder is smaller than the tie rod cylinder.for this reason only it doesn’t have steel well as it is used in small machinery. Mainly the welded body cylinder is used in construction machinery. The other type of specialized Hydraulic Cylinder Part is telescoping cylinder. The telescoping cylinder allow the piston rod to retract with the cylinder barrel. It consists of bore round tubular cylinder,a freely moving piston with several seals.

Hydraulic cylinders part are cylinder base or cap, cylinder barrel, cylinder base, piston .piston rod, seals gland, seals, single acting vs double acting. It consists of cylinder barrel: The main function of the cylinder barrel is to handle the cylinder pressure. It is mostly made of seamless tube the surface which is almost around 4 to 16 inches cylinder base or cap. The main function of the cylinder base or cap is used to enclose with the pressure chamber at one end. It is mostly coupled to the body by means of welding, threadening and etc. The static seal or o ring is attached with in between the cap and barell.cylinder heads. It is used to enclose with pressure chamber at the other end the steal seal or ”O” ring is in between head and barell.

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