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Importance of Training & Traineeships

by anonymous

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A company is like a unit of employees who come together and work for a common organizational goal. For efficient working and successfully achieving goals, training the employees is crucial and required. Through training, employees excel in certain areas that are functionally useful for their work.


A well trained staff is the foremost requirement of any firm. It not only helps in reducing the risks of potential mishaps within the business, but also enables the employee to give his or her best in the given task. Many companies either hire trainers or enroll the selected employees for the government funded courses. In either choice, the motive is to provide the best training and guidance to the staff which would in turn benefit the organization.


Now you may be wondering why so much stress is being given on training courses? It's because the benefits that the organization reaps from a trained staff are much higher than an untrained staff.

The various benefits that a training program provides to an organization are:


  1. Productivity Enhancement
    The top most benefit that the training provides is increased productivity. Most employees face problems such as what their company expects from them. Knowledge about what to do and how to do guides the employee better and results in higher productivity.

  2. Low Attrition Rate
    When a company trains its employees, it makes them feel that the company is interested in developing them and want them to grow as a skilled professional. When an employee feels that he is growing then he tends to stay longer with the company.

  3. Less need of supervision
    Knowing what is expected out of them and how it is expected makes employees independent to carry on with their tasks. The involvement of manager is less and only when required. The 'mentoring' phase is shorter for employees who have undergone traineeships.

  4. Maintaining employee credentials or certifications
    Employee starts with the basic certification and through timely upper level training of the course, they achieve higher certifications. Also, it is reasonable to maintain the credentials. Eg. it is easier and cheaper for an employee with a certificate III in business to upgrade to certificate IV in business rather than starting all over again after expiry of the certificate.

The benefits of training can be assessed by the growing demand for trained employees. Many private as well as government owned organizations are taking measures to train their existing staff. Many agencies are offering courses & traineeships in Perth. Organizations prefer students who have undergone traineeships in the respective fields. The Australian Federal Government also understands the importance of training and hence it provides a wide array of government funded courses.


Apart from this, NEIS, a government aided program is also available which is aimed to help individuals start up their own business and training, and income support for a year is provided by the government. The benefits of New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) can be availed by anyone in receipt of an eligible Centrelink benefit. Places available are in Perth Metro and Western Australia regions as well.


So whether you are an employer who needs skilled professional or an employee who wants to add a few more stars to your skill set, you can always make the most of training to see desired results.

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