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Green hikers in an ocean of flowers I

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Tomb-Sweeping Day is the perfect opportunity to get out among the flowers

When Tomb-Sweeping Day arrives (April 4), spring has sprung, and families hold memorial ceremonies for their ancestors and deceased family members. They also go out to embrace nature, a sign of a better day to come, which is why the day is also called Taqing, or "hiking in green".

It is also the time to enjoy flowers blooming, such as the kingly peony, golden cole flower, the elegant cherry blossom and many others to color your China vacation deals.

A look at the flowers' cultural backgrounds adds joy to the pleasure of walking through an ocean of flowers.

Cole flowers in Wuyuan, Jiangxi province


Dubbed "China's most beautiful countryside", Jiangxi province's Wuyuan becomes a huge yellow gem during spring and included in top 10 China tour packages.

The county is the base for Hui culture and has nurtured countless scholars, officials and tradesmen.

Hui-style architecture, featuring horse-head walls as well as exquisite wood, brick and stone sculptures, were a feature of ancient China. The remaining Hui-style houses in the county are a nod to past glories.

Jiangling village has the most cole flowers and they blossom upon curved terraces, making them look like golden ribbons waving in the wind. The black-and-white Hui-style houses dot the landscape, forming what looks like a long scroll ink painting.

Likeng village also has stone bridges over the rivers and running alongside the houses. On both sides of the river, vendors sell local specialties, like glutinous rice wine.

Because of its rural beauty, art students frequently visit to practice their art.


As the seventh biggest among the 1,390 islands in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province (popular destination for popular China tours), Peach Blossom Island has inspired several martial art movies and TV dramas. Wood houses dot the hillsides, which are covered with pink peach flowers and trees, making it look like utopia.

Dubbed "arboretum on the sea", the island nurtures more than 300 species of plants.

There are also rare animals, caves and bizarre rocks, such as the Buddha-head-shaped stone on the top of Duizhi Hill, which attracts millions of tourists every year.

It is said that an immortal passed by the island when descending from heaven to visit the Earth. He was so charmed by the scene that he decided to become a stone to rest on the island forever. You can obtain more via China travel agents.

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