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Are You Covered? 3 Coverage Options to Consider

by oscarseo

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When it comes to personal insurance, the name that should strike you first is Draper Insurance, which is one of the most reputed and famous brands in insurance industry. Along various other types of insurance coverage schemes Draper Insurance has for its clients, personal insurance coverage policies. Now the three options of personal insurance schemes that the company offers include Automobile Insurance, Home Insurance and Flood Insurance.

Automobile Insurance:

Various automobile insurance coverage schemes that are provided by Draper insurance are particularly designed for those who spend a sizeable proportion of the days at the wheels of their cars, driving from one place to another tirelessly. The company wants to guarantee that as and when their clients are out in the road with their beloved car, they can think of happier things and drive freely, rather than being tensed about tackling the dangers that are associated with driving.

Automobile insurance schemes of Draper Insurance cover:

• Liability for Physical Injury– It understandably covers various types of injuries caused by accidentals or death caused to another person by the policy holder’s car or any accident related to an automobile.
• Liability for Property Damage – It covers damages inflicted to other individual’s property by automobile related accidents caused by the policy holder.
• Defense Costs – It covers legal expenses, court fees and fees of the attorney.
• Collision – It covers the damage caused to the car of the policy holder in any accident, irrespective of who is accountable for the accident.
• Liabilities for incidents excepting Collision – It covers the car of the policy holder in cases of damage caused by falling objects, fire, lightning, theft, glass breakage, flood, hurricane and other types of perils.
• Medical Coverage – It covers the medical expenses of the policy holder and his or her family in the car, and also any other individual riding in the car of the policy holder in the event of an accident.
• Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist – It covers the injury suffered by the policy holder, his or her family, or anyone taking a ride in the car of the policy holder in case of accidents caused by any uninsured or underinsured driver or a hit-&-run driver.

Home Insurance:

As the name suggests, this insurance scheme covers your home in case of any damage, caused by any reasons which may include the following:

• Thefts, burglaries, acts of vandalism, and other civil disturbances
• Hurricanes, tornadoes, & other types of natural emergencies
• Damages caused by fires, injuries, or any accidents that may damage your house
• Lawsuits regarding to the cases mentioned above

Flood Insurance:

This scheme covers your house in case of damage caused by flooding because of rain or Hurricanes like Ike, Katrina, Rita, and others especially if your residence is situated in the coastal area.

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