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Meditation Techniques under our instructors will guide you

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Meditation Techniques in Yoga helps to stay fresh and you start enjoying the beauty of nature, meditation also makes you feel light. The question may arise ‘Does Yoga help in losing weight?’ The answer is yes it can help you to lose weight but at the same time such workouts should be practiced under qualified trainers. The training process may take time since whatever you will do to lose weight will be totally natural and through workouts. The best thing about Yoga is that you experience freshness once you do your workouts. Yoga is a blending between minds, body, soul and if you add spiritualism to it then you will yourself experience the difference.


Weight gain or obesity is a major problem in today’s world especially among those of us who lead a cylindrical life style and lack of exercise, naturally there is a tendency among them to get obese. Regular intake of oily and greasy food is also a major reason for obesity. Those who drink alcohol are also prone to obesity and other ailments. At Yoga Dham situated in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh in Uttarakhand, we offer you to say good bye to your obesity naturally. The Yoga Dham also offers various packages of Yoga for Weight Loss for each and everybody. Experienced instructors will teach you Yoga techniques under their able supervision.  

 It may take some time since Yoga for Weight Loss is based totally on workouts and natural. By sincerely following your instructors you will experience the difference, excess weight will definitely disappear.


The basic principle is you stop over eating once you are into the process. Certain level of awareness arises in your body, your body becomes such, it will just eat what is needed for it.  Instructors at the Yoga Dham will introduce you to various ‘Kriyas’ (process) under their supervision. By practicing these ‘Kriyas’ you will find the difference within yourself. Even if you eat larger quantum of food, you still do not put on weight, you even lose weight.


Yoga is the process where you combine mind, body, soul with spirituality. Meditation helps you to feel light and fresh; our instructors will guide you in the course of Meditation Techniques.  Yoga for Weight Loss is a process and no magic. It is purely based on the basic principles of Yoga and Meditation Techniques. Instructors at the Yoga Dham will help you to get rid of your obesity. This is natural way to lose your extra fat through some basic techniques. If you practice Yoga for Weight Loss regularly then you will experience the difference.

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