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Unveiling the Best Features of ASP.NET 4.5

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ASP.NET, the brainchild of Microsoft, is touted as one of the most popular and successful web application framework that has been designed to make the process of development easier. In lieu with the continuous advancement of technology, the development framework has recorded many updates over the last few years. The ASP.NET 4.5 version is the latest development of the web application framework that has created a ripple in the industry. The latest version can be used for fast development of scalable and high-performing web applications in a controlled environment.

However, you must remember that effective functioning of ASP.NET is dependent on successful installation of Visual Studio 2012 in your machine.


Here is a list of some of the best features of ASP.NET 4.5.


Bundling and Minification: This particular feature helps reducing the size of the style sheet and scripts pertaining to a particular application. The Bundling and Minification characteristic of the web application framework largely influences the performance of the specific application positively. You generally tend to have the namespace of System.Web.Optimization providing support to the bundling and minification file.


Model Binding: This particular feature of the web application framework refers to the idea of separating the Web Form from the control of the Model. Now, you can develop or design Webforms that feature an independent status. The biggest benefit of making use of Model Binding in the newest version of the web application framework is that it allows an easy unit test of the methods. The support of model binding in ASP.NET is usually offered through the namespace use of ‘System.Web.ModelBinding’. This particular namespace consists of value provider classes such as Query String Attribute, Control Attribute, etc. These classes usually come from the class of Value Provider Source Attribute.


Strongly Typed Data Controls: The latest ASP.NET version features strongly typed data controls. You will receive an intelligent code sense directing you to allocate the property of Item Type to a model that would be connecting to the data controls that has been used in the .aspx pages.


Value Providers: The latest version of the web application framework usually offers a number of Value providers that help in the process of data filter. Here is a look at the Value providers:

  • Cookie

  • Session

  • Control Value

  • Querystring


What tends out to turn more advantageous is that it offers the customized choice of Value Providers.


Improved Paging Support in the GridView Control of ASP.NET: The GridView control in the latest 4.5 version of ASP.NET witnesses an improved support towards the paging support. The property ASP.NET 4.5 GridView.AllowCustomPaging offers wonderful support to paging and the sorting process through extensive data effectively.


OpenID Support for OAuth Logins: The latest 4.5 version of the web application framework offers an OpenID support for OAuth logins. You can also make use of other external services to complete the login process in any application. The 4.5 version of ASP.NET allows you to register in the AuthConfig.cs/App_Start file as an OAuth provider. This data dictionary can also be used to transfer any extra data.


Support towards web sockets: The WebSockets of HTML5 enables a better performance of duplex communication between the web server and client browser. The 4.5 version of ASP.NET offers complete support to the protocols of WebSockets. IIS 8 and ASP.NET 4.5 offer great support to WebSocket protocol. Leverage of WebSockets in the web application of ASP.NET has been actually made possible now.


Improved support towards asynchronous programming: The 4.5 version of the superior web application framework offers wonderful support to asynchronous programming. This particular feature makes reading and writing requests and responses of HTTP possible without the requirement of any OS threads. Additionally, you also have a support for the new keywords such as async and await.


ASP.NET Web API: This particular feature is incorporated in ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC 4. This latest addition in the feature of ASP.NET 4.5 enables you to develop and consume the services of HTTP at ease.


Support to form types of HTML5: The 4.5 version of the web application framework offers a wonderful support to the form types of HTML5. Here is a quick look at the new controls that are now available in HTML5

  • URL

  • Email

  • Range

  • Number

  • Color

  • Search

  • Date pickers for e.g date, week, month, time, datetime-local, and datetime.


The above-mentioned features have helped improve the performance level of ASP.NET 4.5 version largely and make the process of ASP.NET web development easy.


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