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Mobile Apps for Business through Java Programmers

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Programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, C, ASP.Net, PHP and Open Source are continuously being introduced in the online marketplace and the ever increasing popularity of these languages has lead to the growth of the online market at a very rapid pace. Each of these languages is loaded with a number of special features, empowering the developers to design customized applications in accordance with a clients’ need. Considering all of these languages, there is immense scope of Java application development, which is rapidly gaining momentum, along with Java programmers. In fact, hiring Java programmers who can efficiently leverage the exclusive features of Java can indeed give you effective web and mobile applications for business solutions.

Key Features of Java
Java is an object-oriented, open source, scripting language, particularly designed for developing client-server web applications. This programming language operates on C as well as C syntax and does not rely on any particular platform but can provide support to languages and services which can operate on cross platform. The following key features make Java a great choice for web and mobile applications:

    • Simple: Java is convenient to understand and write. Java programmers are not required to manage memory or work with pointers. In fact, the use of pointers has been eliminated for security reasons. The virtual machine associated with Java handles the memory management part and hence mechanically does away with the occupied memory once it stops being referenced. The programmer can presently focus on the necessary application logic without spending time or logic for these managements.


    • Object-Oriented: Many languages such as C and C++ are not entirely object-oriented while Java is completely object-oriented and adhere to every aspect of OOPs like Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance and so on. Everything can be considered as objects. It is also possible to treat primitive data types as objects by means of wrapper classes in order to render it totally object-oriented. The fundamental unit of Java is class which defines the prototypes for objects to follow.


    • Distributed: Java offers support to network programming for communication with remote objects spread across the network. In order to build network applications like CORBA and RMI, Java provides libraries.


    • Interpreted: Java is known as interpreted language due to the fact that its byte code, generated after compilation of the source code, gets interpreted by the JVM and transforms to machine based code that is alternatively known as native code.


    • Secure and Robust: Java applications are quite dependable. There is integrated time checking for early detection of bugs, run time checking, and the use of pointers is done away with to prevent memory corruption or unnecessary memory access. Moreover, the garbage collection management system automatically frees unused memories while there is also the provision for exception handling in order to take control of the situation if any error occurs.


    • Architectural Neutrality: Java creates applications that are system neutral and compatible with a range of Operating systems and CPUs. For doing this, the source code is converted by the Java compiler to the transitional platform independent code, known as byte code, during compilation. Any system embedded with JVM can interpret the byte code and hence it turns Java into an architecture neutral language.


    • Multithreaded: It is convenient to develop multithreaded applications (which can perform multiple tasks simultaneously) in Java using synchronization.


Reasons why you should hire Java Programmers
We have seen how the exclusive features of Java can enable businesses to develop effective mobile and web applications. On availing the services of efficient Java programmers, businesses can reap the following benefits:

  • Very little or no maintenance cost
  • Resources dedicated towards specified projects
  • Developers work within a high-tech ambience wherein all the essential resources are available
  • Developers have years of experiences and are very skilled
  • Total control over the offshore working ambience and the developer
  • Task reporting on monthly, weekly or daily basis

So, for businesses planning to develop new mobile or web applications, Java programmers working on the flexible and robust Java platform is indeed the right choice. Whether it is a web application or a Smartphone application, java programmers can offer you the desired output within the stipulated time and at a competitive price.

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