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Accident Reconstruction services can help you find out what

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When a massive pile of cars is sitting on the road, it can be very difficult for people to understand precisely what happened. However, knowing what actually happened out on the road is actually very important to a variety of companies, including insurance companies that only want to pay out money if the situation truly calls for it. In addition, law enforcement services may need to get a better understanding of what happened in order to decide if anyone should be charged with a crime.

Now, i-Trans Consulting Services is an experienced company with a long record of analyzing crashes to determine what caused them, how they can be prevented more effectively, and what risk factors might be involved with particular elements of vehicles. If you've recently found yourself in a vehicle collision and you need to make a case, or you'd like to have a trusted outside group come in and examine the site, then i-Trans Consulting Services may be able to help and provide you with the information you need.

As part of the many services that Dennis Ritchie, the owner of i-Trans offers, you may be able to get a certain amount of support for any relevant litigation. Dennis has often served as an expert witness for various legal services that needed testimony during cases, and has consulted with attorneys in order to provide the best possible information in cases where he's been asked to help explain things.

The team at i-Trans Consulting Services also offers a variety of other services from a trucking safety expert. Among the most important of these is Compliance Safety Accountability, or CSA, which focuses on helping prepare teams and ensure compliance with all relevant safety regulations. During the past, when asked to serve as an accident reconstruction expert witness, Dennis also helped to set crash analysis and comply with all industry standards on the subject, creating situations where attorneys, insurance teams, and judges alike could benefit. In fact, i-Trans has been called so often to help in these sorts of situations that first responders to the scene of a collision have occasionally asked for help with difficult crash sites, especially because there may be certain dangers with larger vehicles that they are unaware of.

From thorough analysis of each collision to training drivers, preventing the collisions from occurring at all, and otherwise helping to keep the trucking industry at its finest, i-Trans Consulting Services is the number one choice of many companies throughout the nation for the sheer experience it has. If you have any need for the services of a trucking safety expert, no matter what stage you're actually at, then i-Trans Consulting Services may be able to help.

Disclaimer: The above content is intended only for informational purposes and should not be taken as an absolute. Many situations have unique factors that must be taken into account, and i-Trans Consulting Services cannot promise to serve as an expert witness or otherwise absolutely guarantee its ability to help in every circumstance. To find out whether or not i-Trans Consulting Services can help in your situation, please contact them by telephone.



The trucking safety expert team at i-Trans Consulting Services may be able to help as an accident reconstruction expert witness, depending on the specifics of the case.


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