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Android Mobile Applications – The World at your finger tips

by leoturpin61

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Those days are gone when mobiles are just for making calls and texting messages. Smart phones are one of the technologies ruling the world since few years. Mobile applications are one of the major reasons that make mobiles smarter. Iphone application developers were the top most but they have been replaced by the Android developers few months back. This is due to the user friendliness and wide range of mobile application introduced by Google’s Android. Java being the development platform makes Android unique from others.

Mobile Application Development refers to the method of developing smart applications and software to be installed and used in Mobile Phones and other Smart devices. These applications can either be downloaded for free or by paying a small service fee. Google’s Play Store comes with lakhs of Android applications that acts as a companion in your day to day life. Mobile apps development not only focuses on entertainment but also avail business opportunities, social networking, advertising etc. 

Development of mobile applications has brought the whole world under a compact device. You can access everything at ease through internet services. Android games were the first launch that attracted everyone irrespective of age group. I guess you might have played one of the top rated android games, angry birds at least once. Apart from the smart games, there are a lot that an android mobile app could provide.

Are you struck up somewhere in the middle of town? Don’t worry you have the Google map with GPS facility at your finger tips to find out the right way to the destination. All you need is to have a smart phone. Definitely you might own one; there are hardly a few without smart phones in this fast growing technology world. There are networking applications like face book, twitter etc to keep you connected with the friends and family circle 24/7, regardless of the distance.

Mobile applications are not your buddy just in personal life but also a business partner. Advertising applications are one of the best ways to reach out people about the products and services of a company. The applications developed are with high security and privacy; even net banking can be done with few clicks on your smart phone. Applications being a time saver are one of the major features that attract people to use these applications. Once you install and setup your profile with networking and banking sites, second time accessing is quicker as you need not to waste for login time.

Besides entertainment, mobile apps also avail learning facilities. Online tutors and text to speech converters are a few milestones. Considering the scope of smart applications, being a mobile application developer is a good choice to your career also.


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