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Where Will You Get that Emergency Cash?

by stellalewis101

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Imagine yourself totally broke. This may be your current situation or you may consider this so ridiculous you’d rather slap my face with a wad of cash. Nonetheless, just humor me and imagine for a minute that you are broke. Your next salary is still three weeks away, and you live alone in the buzzing center of Virginia. What on earth are you going to do? Eat dirt? Where on earth are you going to get the money in order to survive for three more weeks? Good thing you can earn cash from ingenuity--or just pure cunning. How? You might ask. Do you know you can get cash for junk cars?

Is that not the most brilliant thing? If you have a junk car sitting in the dark corner of your garage, then it is time to thank your fortunes because you are definitely in luck. However, if you do not own even a wrecked, old motorcycle, you can still act smart and resourceful. Maybe your friends have some wrecked car sitting idly in their backyards. Maybe they don’t. so you move on to your next door neighbor. They have a wrecked car? Good! Ask for it1 just don’t tell them that you are going to sell it. Tell them something else. Tell them you need it for a project or something. After that, contact a company that pays cash for junk cars. That way, you got to keep all the money.

Mean? I don’t think so. You are just trying to survive. Besides, your neighbor might end up not giving you the car and selling it junk car companies that pay cash for junk cars. Of course, there is still another possible scenario. Your neighbor can give you a percentage of the money that he or she got from the junk car company. Now, that is also a most advantageous option. Of course, these are all assumptions. But if you were ever to need the service, it is still better if the neighbor gave you the wrecked car for free.

Acquiring good cash for junk cars is so much easier if you have wrecked cars of your own. it is also better since the more junk cars you offer to a junk car company, the more money you will get. Unfortunately, if you have no other source for this escape from starvation, then I guess you will have to stay like that--hungry. Well, a few cash from your parents can surely get you by. But won’t that hurt your pride? A full-grown man or woman still asking for his or her parents because of financial crisis? Personally, I would rather starve. But that is just me. If this is your situation, what would you do?

Fortunately, this not your situation, yet. The good thing is that you will you will have a source of money if and that kind of financial emergency comes. I would better start collecting wrecked cars now if I were you. You will never know when you will be in need that cash for junk cars.

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