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Superannuation- Your fund partner after retirement

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With recurrent changes in the economies, employees all over the affected, with most of them pondering over about the funds they will need after retirement. This is one of the crucial reasons behind the establishment of superannuation policies and arrangements in every organization working in Australia. The Keating Labour government of 1992 ensured that every employee is granted and guaranteed superannuation- a company pension policy program where employees and employers contribute a part of their income and/or funds to ensure finances for the employee after retirement. Thanks to the superannuation guarantee, most of the employees are able to make superannuation claims successfully after they retire from work.

How to make superannuation claims?
Even after government legislation, most of the people are worried about how they can claim their trust fund after retired. Are you stressed and worried about how to make superannuation claim? Do you think that the claiming super can be difficult and agonizing?

Well, you don’t have to be tensed about superannuation claims. Currently, a number of professional organizations work to help you claim superannuation. But what if you need to make superannuation claims before retirement? What if you find yourself in worst case scenario and need more finances?

Are you entitled for superannuation claims before retirement?
There are a variety of professional organizations, grievance and superannuation lawyers who can help you make superannuation claims before retirement. These lawyers and organizations are well-acquainted with the superannuation laws as well as the policies of various organizations. Therefore, you can seek independent advice from them to learn whether or not you can make superannuation claims before retirement.

Once you opt for a good lawyer with years of experience in claiming superannuation, you can ask her/him to review your case. The lawyer will provide you an evaluation of your case by comprehending policy on these factors-

a. Entitlement- Superannuation claims can only be made on three grounds- firstly, after you have reached preservation age (55 years in Australia) for retirement. Secondly, if you superannuation policy provides restricted benefits, wherein you as an employee gets access to certain funds. Thirdly, in case of unrestricted benefits, where you can make superannuation claims partially or wholly.

b. Termination of employment- Generally, not all employees work in a single organization all through their working life. Therefore, you can ask for superannuation claims after you decide to leave your current organization. In such a case, superannuation fund is legally released for your use.

c. Special cases- In certain cases, such as grievance, terminal illness, medical emergency or treatment, you can consult a good superannuation and grievance compensator lawyer to help you make superannuation claims.

Get the right advice
People will give different opinions on superannuation. But you need to get the right advice if you want to make superannuation claims. So, visit a good independent law firm or a lawyer with expertise in the field. This especially applies to individuals whose company recently changed its policy or who wishes to make a claim because of death, disability or contract termination.

Professional and independent legal advice, from legal advisors like Gerald Malouf Partners is the key to make successful superannuation claim in Australia. They can help you contest a case in the court or challenge fund’s decision if they fail to provide superannuation. In fact, these legal experts work on no win, no fee basis based on the average income of the employee. Hence, even if you can’t afford, you can get one of the best representatives.


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