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Hot Fashion Tips for Right Now!

by Stephen

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Every year new fashion trends and women’s fashion advice hit the scene. There are ten fashion tips that you can follow any time of the year.
Well Fitting Clothing

Make sure the outfit is complimentary to your body. It will not matter how trendy or fashionable it is if it does not fit well.

Say “yes” to Skinny Jeans. A good pair of high-waisted jeans that show off the ankles will look great any time of year.
Thanks to the movies ballet inspired fashions are making quite a buzz. From little ballet flats to ensembles coordinated with tutus, you can pull this look off.

Loose fitting clothing is preferable during summer months. Choose natural fabrics in light colors. Dig out the wide brimmed hat to avoid those harmful UV rays. For the dull grays of winter, add in spring colored sweaters. To avoid blending in with the snow do not wear white, focus on colors instead.


During the summer, less is not more. It is important to make a statement with big, bold, accessories. Accent your look with wooden beads and citrus colors. Silver is very popular, and it is a good investment.

When the weather is cold outside, add a little pop of color. Wear sweaters layered with scarves that match. If you are wearing skinny leg jeans, then wear a sweater that is oversized. It provides a nice contrast and accentuates your legs.

It is important that your belts and shoes continue to look new. They can be eye catching, so it is important that they always look fresh and clean. Nothing looks worse than muddy shoes paired with a nice dress.

To look good is one thing, but it is also important to smell good. It does not do any good to look nice if you smell awful. Take some time to invest in a smell that is pleasing to the senses but not overwhelming.

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