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Hydraulics is one of the most influential fields in applied science and engineering which concerns itself with the mechanical properties of Liquids, there movement and channeling. The field of Hydraulics at the very basic level is the liquid versions of pneumatics. Another related field of study known as Fluid Mechanics lends itself as the basic theoretical foundation of Hydraulics, focusing on the engineering of fluid properties. Hydraulics is used for generation, control and transmission of power through the use of pressurized liquids. The field finds itself lending its services to a variety of topics such as pipe flow, fluidics, flow measurement, river channel behavior, erosion, hydropower, dam designs and many other topics.

The importance of Hydraulics for a nation is paramount especially for developing nation like India where various infrastructural projects are and will be undertaken which will ask for the services of Hydraulics field of science for solving many problems. Not only Hydraulics study and the field per se is important, what is also important is the research ability of our institutes and universities in this field and for its improvement hydraulics research is of paramount importance to the nation. Hydraulics research entails the improvement in the application of its various techniques and methodology as well as inventing new techniques to help in the development of newer forms of hydraulics systems.

To propel India into the future of Hydraulics technique and research a full time, state-of-the-art Hydraulics Research Center has been opened in Roorkee, Uttrakhand in the Irrigation Research Institute of Roorkee to undertake the newest possible research in the field of Hydraulics using the latest devices, models, facilities and many other things that will aid the researcher in his task at the Research Center. With the intention of providing the best of facilities a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Hydraulics laboratory was also opened which has a total built in area of 530 sq. m.

The Hydraulics laboratory has two halls in its premises; one of the two halls has three experiential flumes out of which one is a steel flume. Besides this the Research center also boasts of two masonry flumes provided with glass walls for observations. The Laboratory also has a circulatory system of water supply with a staggering flow of 200 liters per second at a drop of 5m. All in all the Hydraulics Research Center is really a great addition allowing for path breaking research to take place in the field of Hydraulics.

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