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What is a Web Key and How to Use It in a Business Scenario

by connectweb1

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A USB Webkey is a new innovation in the field of technology that can play to a great role in all business communications.  They are basically devices that can be plugged into a USB port. When done so, they take the user to a pre-determined landing page which ideally should be contain the information that we would like to transfer to the user. Available in the size of a microchip, these devices are a new and effective way of the communicating with our target market. In this current business scenario of ruthless competition, making use of new and attractive modes of communication has become quite a mandatory aspect of all businesses. Hence with a view you let you know what these Webkeys can mean to a business, the following article brings out some of the basic facts about them.

A Great Marketing Tool

Marketing is one of the most important departments in any business and marketing efforts demand a communication to happen between the business and the targeted consumer base. This communication might be about a new product about to be released or what to expect in the next few years, for example. Whatever the communication is, the way in which it is presented plays an important role. A USB Webkey can play an effective role here. It can be embedded into advertising cards, brochures or any other material and can be sent across to the recipient. People who receive it would surely be curious to check it out and thereby accomplishing our goals.

Paperless Alternative

Inserting a Webkey into a USB port will be take the user to a web page which can be contain whatever information we want. It could, for example contain user manuals, FAQs, Warranty cards etc. Instead of printing all these documents and sending them along with a product, a single Webkey can be included with the product package. This move would reduce the use of substantial amount of paper and ensure a better future for us all.


Considering the roles it can play, a Webkey in a USB port is highly cost-effective. The cost involved in a working with paper for all the information we can provide access through a Webkey is several times higher. For example, a direct mailer to all your customers about the latest product on the market is not a cost-effective option when we can just send a Webkey across.


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