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Securing a bathroom for a disabled person

by anonymous

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Many able-bodied people take showering for granted yet it is a great challenge for a physically disabled person. For a person living with a disability just the thought of going to take a shower is sometimes a nightmare. There is a way to change this however. Many alterations can be made to the typical bathroom to enable such persons have a more normal showering experience. Some of the main additions in this regard are the bathroom grab bars.


Bathroom grab bars can really help someone in a wheelchair to be able to shower and bathe independently. In such a scenario it is highly recommended to have at least two of these bars - one near the entrance for wheelchair support and the other inside the shower to facilitate stability.


These bars help such persons to situate themselves on any desired spots within the facility. They also reduce the strain on the hips and knees i.e. the two major places that cause fatigue for a disabled person or even the elder.


Bathroom grab bars are available in many online stores including the Independent Living Store ( at great prices.



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