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Importance of MICR Checks!

by emicrstaff

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The Magnetic Ink Character Recognition popularly known as MICR is very important in various fields basically for the banking system. The magnetic ink of this technology is very important for every user, bank and the reader of the various documents including checks. The various fields of a check should print and fill properly to enhance the requirement of the banking system that stores the information.

The Blank Check Paper

The most common way for describing a blank check paperis the paper used for performing a particular task which is blank. These papers are available in the market. But check these papers should have some specific qualities that enhance the every perfect requirement of the reader. The main possible features are –

  • This feature is Copier void FeatureThis including the perfect design of the check known as a multiple Pantograph check. The different field like signature area, amount line etc. And this design produces the VOIDs whenever the checks processed the color copier.
  • The next feature is the micro printing - The borderline of the check along with endorsement can only be viewed by the user when it magnified.
  • The signature area of the check and the amount line of blank check paper are printed with the pantograph of the availability of different background.
  • Watermark certification – This is very important for the checks that certifies the finger print and seal cannot be photocopied. It also certifies that the paper of the check has the appropriate feature for the laser check printing.
  •   The ABA check clause for endorsement - This feature tells that the area of the fingerprint and the security seal are printed with heat ink which is sensitive.


The value of MICR check printing toner in check


The MICR check printing toneris very important for the banking system and the institutes that use it. This toner is mainly the iron ore that has iron ore and this is iron oxide. The amount of more iron is useful for the magnetic detector to read the characters very well. The every field that consists of this character is perfectly read by the reader.

The machines that read the character of the checks and the various details of the different document should print accurately.

MICR check printing tonerplays very important role in the MICR technology. This technology enhances the banking system which is very important for every people in this world. The printing toner has a good strength that is high signal and the requirement of the reader to keep the record perfectly. The strength of the iron is strong that after printing and drying the checks it passes the text reader. If the tuner is not perfect then the reader will give an error and it will not pass the text perfectly.

Thus with the help of MICR technology the various banks from all over the world maintain their banking system in a perfect way. This technology provides the convenience of the banking system and the user. It is very useful and fulfills all requirements of bank and other institutions. 

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