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Phoenix AR Series - Re-Defining Your Bathroom's Look

by ukbathroomstore

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Mixer taps are commonly found in basins and bath tubs in contemporary bathroom décor. In earlier times, these mixer taps were designed with two separate taps attached to the bath tubs and washbasins. This resulted into making people believe that mixer taps are a sort a new invention. But this is not the case, the mixer taps were actually introduced in 1880. In modern times one has numerous brands offering unique designs of taps like Phoenix. The new range of Phoenix AR series is specifically designed for enhancing your bathroom's look.


Mixer taps serve as a solution to the most common problem, i.e., burning. Earlier, it was a very common problem that people burn their hands incidentally by the boiling hot water coming out directly. These taps allow the users to keep a balanced flow of hot and cold water flowing out from the tap. Even there are taps through which you can mix water according to your preferences. Choosing taps from Phoenix AR tap series would be a perfect if you want the latest designs greatly combined with functionality and style.

There are numerous advantages of mixer taps over the traditional taps which should not be ignored. They are:

  • Mixer taps designs are a cut above than that of original but outdated taps as only 1 tap hole is required. They are extraordinarily useful especially on small basins where there is not enough space to hold two different taps. It is equally beneficial for the designer bath tub that has a minimal room on the edge of tap outlets.

  • These taps are highly reliable than the traditional style bathroom taps as there is no rubber washer downfall in it. In fact they are now been replaced with ceramic discs which are very durable and rugged. The use of discs reduces the chances of leakages from the tap that people have encountered as the most irritating problem in the bathroom.

  • These taps are even economically friendly as the right temperature can be maintained from the beginning, rather than wasting the water. In traditional taps you need to leave the water running until you get the right temperature. Even studies showed that mixer taps can actually save you with 15% more water per year as compared to the old style traditional mixer taps. In the modern times, every saving, whether it’s a big one or small, it means a lot to every family. It is indirectly your help in benefiting the environment by saving water.


Phoenix AR series taps save installation time as well as they are designed so well. Give your bathroom a completely new look with the plethora of designs and finishes of the taps. Even these taps have the finest detailing that makes them look even more elegant. These taps reflect a sense of sophistication in your bathroom. So if you are thinking to remodel your existing bathroom décor or building a new one, then choose the taps with latest design that will set the focal point in your bathroom from .

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