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Need to Know Before Buying a Pair of Combat Trousers

by zelliwillshon

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Combat trousers have
become increasingly popular as items of fashion apparel. They are the piece of
military clothing that has most successfully crossed over into the fashion
mainstream and are as likely to be found being worn on the high street as in
the combat zone. Combat trousers remain very popular with paint-ballers and
outdoor sports enthusiasts. The key contributory factors to this military
clothing revolution is that army trousers have appeal to a wide range of ages
and can be worn by almost any body shape. In fact in the teen age group,
military style trousers are as popular with women as with men. This ability of
combat trousers to remain on-trend is underscored by the many prolific figures
from music and from film that are regularly seen wearing combats whether at
work or at play.

The popularity of
combat trousers has driven demand-led fashion designers to copy the design
highlights of fashionable green combat trousers
and to use these in their mainstream collections. Many high street stores have
military inspired trousers on their rails. Often these will have a number of
the more obvious design stylings of genuine army trousers to create an
authentic military look.

People often ask
whether these fashion combats are the real deal. Well they certainly do have
the relaxed cut and styling of genuine surplus trousers but often that is where
the similarities end. Now don't get me wrong - fashion combat trousers are
great for their purpose; namely to look food and in keeping with the on-trend
military look. However they are often not as well made as the genuine item and
therefore the material used and stitching may not be so strong. Obviously a
lack of robustness is not in itself a problem if the consumer wants to wear the
trousers in the mall only. However if the purchaser wants to ask something more
substantial of these trousers (hiking for example) then it is strongly
advisable to purchase genuine military surplus trousers. Furthermore these
garments are often much better value than their high street equivalents and
this is reason alone to consider them over fashion trousers.

Apart from the
quality of material used to produce combat trousers and the high quality of the
stitching on the seams, military trousers have are known for the great number
of pockets they have which presents the wearer with a great variety of stowage
solutions. No matter how many different styles of army trousers are produced,
there will always be some firm favourites. For example, one of the most loved
types of combat trouser is the British Army 95 DPM closely followed by the M65
trouser from the US forces.

Past concerns over
the quality of military surplus available are now distant memories with the
increasingly strong availability of high quality unissued or barely used army
surplus in the marketplace. The widespread adoption of the classification
system which grades surplus by its quality depending on the extent of its use
has also helped to underscore the reputation for increased quality in the army
surplus marketplace.

opting for surplus army clothing is a great way to save money in these testing
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